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Затерянные в космосе

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the warring nations of Earth had
forgotten their differences...
and banded together
to save our planet.
The United Global Space Force
was searching the galaxy...
for worlds rich with drinkable
water and breathable air.
The hypergate was our best hope
to colonize space...
our best hope for survival.
But as we prepared
to launch ourselves...
into the black of space...
terrorists, calling themselves
'The Global Sedition...'
were preparing to strike.
Grissom base, this is Cargo 7
requesting landing clearance.
Roger, transport.
This is Grissom gate control.
Please download security codes.
Transport, I've got two blips
inside your radar signature.
They're hiding in your shadow.
I don't see anything.
This is gate control.
Battle stations.
Battle stations.
Two Sedition fighters
are attacking the hypergate.
Battle stations.
Gate control, this is Eagle One.
I'm locked and loaded.
Ready to fly.
Roger, Eagle One.
You're clear to launch.
Jeb, where are you, buddy?
This cold war just got hot.
They're Sedition raiders.
It's another
mutant suicide squad.
Here we go. Man-to-man.
Split them up.
Last one to kill a bad guy
buys the beer.
I'm gonna go through the gate,
get in front of him.
That's not standard procedure,
Better get inside his shields.
You gen-techs are ugly up close.
Target lock.
Show time.
Bogey One dispatched.
Don, he's right on my tail.
Damn! Can't shake him.
I've been hit!
Weapons are off-line.
I'm gonna jettison
the main drive core.
There you are.
Am I good or what?
Warning. Failure
in redundant drive systems.
Gate control,
this is Ranger One.
Engines will not respond.
Don, I'm falling
towards the hypergate.
Breaking thrusters won't fire!
Impact in 30 seconds.
Ranger One, this is base.
Rescue craft
have been dispatched.
Grissom, those pods will never
reach him in time.
I'm going in.
MajorWest,you are not
authorized to jeopardize--
Never liked that station anyway.
Warning. Proximity alert.
Hang on,Jeb. I'm coming in.
Abort. Abort!
I'll give you a little kiss.
Don't take this the wrong way.
Impact in five seconds.
Does this mean
we're going steady?
You're not getting out
of buying those beers that easy.
With intrepid pioneering spirit,
the Robinson family...
will journey to the distant
world of Alpha Prime.
What kind of future can
our children look forward to?
A future in paradise.
The Jupiter mission...
made possible by the Army and
Silicon Graphics Corporation.
S.G.l. Saving the future
for our children.
Give me a break.
from Houston middle school.
Hello, Principal Cartwright.
What has he done this time?
He hacked our main power grid
to run his experiment.
The school was in chaos.
Yeah, right.
We didn't even have lights.
This is no laughing matter,
Professor Robinson.
Will is terribly gifted.
The changing shape of education.
His little time machines,
though pure fancy...
are the products
of a truly brilliant mind.
No more monkey business.
I mean it.
The boy is starved
for attention.
I know your life is anything
but normal right now...
but wasn't there some way...
his father's could have
attended the science fair?
As you are aware...
Alpha Prime is the only other
habitable planet...
yet detected
by deep space recon.
My crew will sleep away
our 10-year journey there...
in suspended animation.
Once we have rendezvoused with
the research colony on Alpha...
I will supervise
construction of a hypergate.
By then,
technicians here on Earth...
will have completed
the companion hypergate...
in our planet's orbit.
Once both gates are complete...
ships will be able to pass
instantaneously between them.
Immediate colonization
of Alpha Prime will be possible.
Can't you just use
the Jupiter's hyper-engine...
to zap straight to Alpha Prime?
Hyperspace exists
beneath normal space.
If you try to enter hyperspace
without a gate...
your exit
Затерянные в космосе

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