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- Please, gentlemen POWs, have something to eat
- Calm down, calm down
There's enough for everyone, no need to push
Have your fill
Hogs.  Vasiliy Stepanych, check out these jerks stuffing themselves
Why jerks?
Hunger is a strong motivator
Enough, pigs!
Enough, enough!
There are still many more hungry.
And you stay
This cattle
Bydlo, they will be in camp podyhat
You are true soldiers
and I offer you to fight alongside us.
No, not for Great Germany.
To fight against the Bolsheviks
for Russia,
After Germany's victory, someone must run Russia?
So you will be the ones to run
free Russia,
So said your General Vlasov
Stick it where the sun don't shine
Screw you
I'm with the rest of us
I'll go
If it's against the Bolsheviks, I'll go
Captain Sazonov
I welcome,
your courageous decision.
You can go
that way
And I'll go,
I hate those communists, Christ-killers
Nikolai Sergeevich Yevseyev
You can go
That way
Liquidate these ones
I've said before, your dumb experiments
don't come to anything,
you tell them they are real soldiers
And I respect them.
So you found your cause?
Shut up, bitch
Sorry, guys, sorry.
Don't. No need to cry
You're an officer's wife, you don't have the right
I know.
Take care of Sasha
you'll wait for me.
I promise you, I won't forget you
Don't promahnis
I'll try, for you
Their boots need to come off
Get them off
Hey, bros!
What brings you here?
What about you?
I told you, my own reasons
Oh, cool
We don't know where we're going,
which way is east, which way west, hell if you can figure it.
You can hear artillery to the east, that's the way to go
Yeah, you can hear it to the north and to the south, too.
War all around.
And who do you belong to?
Goryanov's 117th Brigade, Rifle,
202nd Regiment.
And you?
I'm from the 32nd rifle corps,
Khomichev -- he's from the 93rd Rifle Division, 96th Regiment
I'm from the 37th Division, 101st Regiment. I commanded a battalion.
Bros, have you got a crumb to spare?
Whatever's over there; we finished off the last breadrolls yesterday.
We've been going on what berries we could find,
Our stomachs are sticking to our spines.
Yes, we also live here on mushrooms
Iz you, all in krovischi,
The commander of each?
See two sleepers, Major.
Not occupant, he would wash the wound
Is there any water?
Have to go get it.
Where? And? They'll spot us right away.
Yeah, to hell with them, too,
I heard they had orders not to get held up,
not to get bogged down in local fighting.
To make straight for Stalingrad.
And where did you hear that?
When we broke out of the encirclement,
we grabbed one Fritz.  He said it.
Well look at this guy. On your head be it, let's go, guys.
Bitches... still laughing
Guys, can we take a break, I can't go any longer.
And through you can not, from now zhahnut
machine, rest.
No, well, what a bunch of pussies. Eat.
Let them eat instead of shooting, and thanks for that.
And what else happened? Tverdokhlebov?
Vasily Stepanovich.
They scattered into the forest,
I can't remember after that -
I was unconscious almost the whole time.
Alright then.  Better if you tell about the execution.
I've already told you about that.
Go into more detail.
How is it that they shot you, and you are here, alive.
Shooting wasn't enough
Not enough?
You ended up with
Two bullets, in the chest and in the arm.
Just got lucky, apparently?
Depends on how you look at it.
I Don't you understand Comrade Investigator.
Citizen Investigator.
Sorry, Citizen Investigator.
Well see here, former major, you've painted me a fabulous picture,
Taken prisoner how? Concussion. And you don't remember how you were hit?
Executed, and crawled up still alive from the grave?
Miraculous.  If only.
You do not believe me?
I do not.
I have to listen to so many wild tales here, my ears are swollen.
Pletete seven West to the heavens


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