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Falcon2, this is Lead.
Unidentified aircraft approaching.
Keep In formatlon tlll I
flnd out what they want.
Bandits ten o'clock high.
Looks like MiG-23s.
Climb to 23,000 feet.
I want to keep an angle on hlm.
Attentlon, Amerlcan Invaders...
... you are vlolatlng
our terrltorlal alrspace.
What are they talking about?
This is Colonel Ted Masters
of the U.S. Air Force.
We're on a routine exer...
Pitch out! They're firing on us!
This is no drill!
Flre when you get a lock on hlm.
Two MIGs. 4 o'clock.
Watch your tall.
I'm coming around.
I'll pick up the leader.
Got you covered.
Angle's looklng good.
Watch that bandlt
at 2 o'clock.
Okay, palsy.
Bandlt turnlng In tlght.
Closing in on bandit.
On your tall, Lleutenant.
Pull It up.
Pull It up.
Pull It up!
I've been hit!
I'm dropping fuel fast!
Get the hell
out of there, now!
- But Colonel...
- Move lt!
Afflrmatlve. Headlng back
to base. Good luck.
Check in behind you, sucker.
That's it. Come on.
Thank you.
Four to one.
These guys aren't taklng
any chances.
Come on, Matt.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Get off the phone! We had to meet
Tony and Reggie 20 minutes ago.
Quit bugging me!
I'm talking to Sheila Tallucci.
She's a junior.
Why are you messing with her?
Hold on.
She thinks I am too.
Now get out.
You're blowing it for me.
I'll take the Honda
and meet you guys later.
I thought Dad told you
not to ride that Honda off base.
How's he going to know
if he's not around?
Now disappear before
I have to pound you!
It's my little brother.
You know how kids are.
I'm leaving, Mom.
You'll pick up my tux?
At 12:00.
Doug, could you tell your sister
how nice she looks?
She does look nice.
I look gross.
You don't have to wear this
after tomorrow.
Your brother only graduates once.
It's a miracle
he's graduating at all.
Thanks a lot, runt.
Be home by 6:00.
Your dad's going to call in.
He wants to say hi to you and Katie
before the prom tonight.
Not waiting for the mail?
Today could be the day.
I'm late.
Are you out of your mind!?
Ten miles an hour!
How do you like the moves?
Been practicing for the prom tonight.
You guys look great.
I'm sorry I'm late, but...
Enjoy it, fool.
Pretty soon, if you don't show up
on time, they'll shoot your behind.
At the Academy, the word "tardy"
is not in the vocabulary.
What were they doing?
They came up behind me on the bridge.
What is it with you, Knotcher?
Can't you get through a day
without proving you're an asshole?
I was just having a little fun
with your girlfriend.
I figured maybe she'd realize
she deserves more from life...
...than some pussy Air Force brat.
D., just...
...forget about this big,
nasty, moose-lipped greaseball.
He wants to get you in trouble.
If the sheriff hears you been
fighting again, he'll put you in jail.
D., just chill.
I'm losing patience with you.
I'm losing patience with you.
It'd be easy to settle this
if you had any balls.
Just run the Snake with me.
You're a broken record.
You got Snake on the brain.
Didn't you learn nothing
from last time?
We love your jackets, boys.
Have a nice day.
He's the biggest creep.
No kidding.
That guy's bullshit
hasn't changed in 4 years.
Neither has his breath.
He'd kill you with it.
- It came right after you left.
- What is it?
Does the return address
"U.S. Air Force Academy...
...in Colorado Springs"
give you a clue?
Drum roll.
The best new applicant for the
Pilot Training Program is...
Not Doug Masters.
What did it say?
It said all that...
..."We regret to inform you" crap.
It said I didn't qualify.
Guess you had to
kind of expect it.
Maybe I didn't.
Let's face it, Doug.
With the grade point average?
We're talking
subterranean range here.
Just because of one lousy "F."
And I

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