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Whatever happens,
it'll be his face on the front page.
What do you have?
I've had hemorrhoids for a while. You?
Victims five and six.
Code Killer strikes again.
You're not a vegetarian, right?
How do you like your steak?
Big, red, juicy?
Neighbor came over to complain about
the noise. He got run over at the door.
Neighbor said he saw this
from the door.
Bachelor number one hasn't been dating
lately. Apparently, he's a bed wetter.
You're sick, you know that, Arrango?
-Neighbor says he didn't see a thing.
-This might be important too.
The maid quit about six years ago.
She didn't like the neighborhood.
We're calling him Chuck Taylor.
Oh, how's that?
Well, the prints. Look.
Converse. High-tops.
Chuck Taylor.
You get it, right?
You don't know who Chuck Taylor is?
Basketball coach. Stanford Cardinals.
We got the remains
of two or three people.
One of them could be a midget.
In any case, it's a hell of a gangbang.
Once you joke about it,
you shouldn't be doing it.
Another love note.
Maybe the two of you ought to get
a room someplace.
Was another message left for you?
Why is he singling you out?
I can't comment.
Are there numbers this time?
He loves it.
What does the message say?
Why does he focus on you?
-Do we have numbers this time?
-Were there numbers?
-Why does he single you out?
-What does he want?
You got a motive?
Almost there.
Good. Coming out.
Good, T erry. You did good.
Are you taking your pills?
Yeah, all 34 of them.
-No fever at all?
All clear of that.
-No diarrhea?
-No, nothing.
-Blood pressure and pulse?
-Right on target.
You're not working too hard
on the boat?
No, just enough to keep it afloat.
That's all.
I'll be back in a bit.
I'll check this blood work
and get the tissue to the lab.
Don't start running laps yet,
but I'm very pleased.
No rejection.
All your blood levels are good.
-I might lower your prednisone next week.
-Thank God.
I'm tired of shaving
three times a day.
Lean forward.
-May I ask you something?
-No, don't talk.
Sit up.
Okay, come around.
All right. What did you want to ask me?
The kid in 21 8...
...what's his blood type?
It's different from yours,
if that's what you wanted to know.
-How long has he been waiting?
-About half as long as you did.
What are his chances?
Maybe 50-50, maybe less.
What's bothering you, Terry?
I don't know.
When I was at the Bureau, we had
to qualify once a year on the range.
You know, shoot at targets,
stuff like that.
We had a thing where you shoot
a circle around a heart.
It was called the " 1 0 ring."
That was the highest score.
You wait for a heart for two years...
...almost don't make it, then wonder
if we should've given you that heart.
Know what that is?
Exactly. Go home and enjoy your boat.
See you next week.
How are you doing?
Morning, Terry.
It's 2 in the afternoon, Buddy.
As long as my dad sends those checks,
it's whatever time I say it is.
-Heads up, by the way.
Somebody's on your boat.
Been here 1 0 minutes. Looked harmless.
I didn't say anything.
Looks better than harmless!
May I help you, miss?
I'm looking for Terry McCaleb.
You're looking at him.
Graciella Rivers.
I have read about you in the paper,
in the "Where are they now? " column.
You know, in the Metro section.
You're not the first person
to try to find me.
I can recommend a good
investigator who won't rip you off.
The article said you're the best
and you hate when someone gets away.
If you read it, you know what happened
and that I'm retired, Miss Rivers.
I think you could help me.
How's that?
-Maybe even help yourself.
-I don't need money.
I'm not talking about money.
-And her son.
-Which one?
-Excuse me?
-Which one's dead?
My sister.
Gloria Torres. Glory.
And her son's name is Raymond.
-I don't think I can help you.
-Just look at it


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