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Единственный сын

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Tragedy in life
starts with the bondage
of parent and child.
Shinshu, Central Japan, 1923.
Mom, four of us will go to high school.
Is that so?
The teacher asked if I'd go too.
What did you say?
It'll cost money.
Don't go!
I'll make you some cake.
I'm glad you came.
Don't bother.
Please sit down
Thank you for everything.
Not at all.
Ryosuke is a bright student.
I rate him high.
You do? Thank you.
He said you'd send him to high school.
I'm glad to hear it.
A man needs a good education...
to succeed nowadays.
It'll be a pity...
if he never got past grade school.
I'm glad you decided so.
Higher education is very important.
I want to study in Tokyo, too.
Staying here won't get me anywhere.
I'm glad you decided so.
Sorry to have bothered you.
Ryosuke, Mr. Okubo is leaving.
Don't bother.
Goodbye, sir.
Why did you lie?
We can't afford your high school!
When will Mr. Okubo leave?
By tomorrow's train.
Really? He's such a good teacher.
I knew he'd move to
Tokyo sooner or later.
He's always longed to go.
Hurray, Mr. Okubo!
Go to high school.
I've reconsidered.
If you can't go when others do
I'll regret it, too.
Go to high school. Maybe even college.
Study hard and be a great man.
If you can make it
your late father will be happy, too.
I'll do anything for your education
Don't worry about this house.
Just study hard.
Go to high school.
I'll send you to high school.
I can do that much anyway.
I'm getting old.
I want you to stay with me.
But as Mr. Okubo said
you need good education.
Don't worry about me.
Study hard. Understand?
I'll become a great man.
Shinshu, 1935
My son got a job in Tokyo.
Really? How nice!
Time flies, doesn't it?
You think so?
To me, it's been a long time.
I think I'll go to Tokyo in spring.
That'll be nice.
He's already twenty-seven.
It's time he got a bride.
Tokyo, 1936.
It's been a long time.
Did the trip make you tired?
Not really.
One of the passengers was kind to me.
At Takasaki he even bought me a lunch.
How's Shinshu?
It snowed heavily.
The Sumida River. Eitai Bridge.
That's Kiyosu Bridge.
Such a big bridge!
I'm glad you came.
My house is across this field.
Let's walk.
A shabby place.
Mom, don't get shocked.
At what?
Actually, I got married.
Let's go, anyway
Here we are
Mother's here
Come in
Welcome. Please come in.
How do you do?
She's Sugiko.
I'm glad you came.
How do you do?
Thank you for taking care of him.
Dirty house, isn't it?
Mom, come!
He was born last year.
I considered for a long time.
I named him G-ichi after Dad.
He's asleep.
He's your grandson.
Can we talk?
What about supper?
Any money?
A little.
What would you like to eat?
Anything will do.
Buy some chicken.
Don't be too long.
She's a restaurant owner's daughter.
A restaurant owner's daughter ?
When I boarded as a student
she lived nearby.
I should have told you.
I'm sorry!
That's all right. She's your wife.
I ordered some.
Have enough money?
Be nice to Mom.
I know.
Not the ward office?
I resigned from the ward office
half a year ago.
You did?
I'm going.
I'll be right back.
Why are angles BFD and BFA equal?
This and this are equal.
I know that.
As for triangles PBD and PAE
these two are right angles.
The square PBCA is within a circle.
So, this and this are equal.
Thus, these two angles are equal.
I understand.
That's good!
It's a famous theorum.
Lend me ten yen.
Ten yen?
I can't spare so much.
Five will do.
Sorry to bother you.
Thank you!
Mr. Matsumura, will you
lend me five yen?
My mother came to town.
Will you, please?
I'll return it on payday.
How about 10°/% interest?
Sorry to trouble you. It's so sudden.
Thank you!
How much does the school pay you?
Only a little. But we can manage.
Sorry to keep you.
Teachers can't get leave easily.
Have one.
Make some tea.
Your pillow.
Единственный сын

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