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EndCoproduction of MOSFILM (USSR),
PRO DIS FILM AG (Switzerland),
Fourth Artistic Assotiation
in a film
Alain DELON as Foche
Curd JURGENS as Legraine
Albert FILOZOV as Schoerner
Nikolai Grinko as Yermolin
Georges GERET as "Dennis Pew"
Claude JADE as Francoise
Gleb STRIZHENOV as Simon
Vsevolod SANAYEV as innkeeper
Nartai BEGALIN as driver
Screenplay by Alexander ALOV,
Vladimir NAUMOV, Mikhail SHATROV
Derected by Alexander ALOV,
Vladimir NAUMOV
Director of Photography
Production Designers
Vladimir KIRS
Costume Designer
Lidia NOVI
The song "Une Vie D'amour"
Lyrics by Charles AZNAVOUR
Music by Georges GARVARENTZ
The song performer
Music by Georges GARVARENTZ
The music score was composed
by Mieczyslaw WEINBERG
Sound Engineer
English subtitles by
For three and a half decades
the case in question
was cloaked in the mist of mystique.
But there happened an event
that promised a solution.
A certain Erich Bechler
consulted our office.
The matter was his
memoirs' manuscript publication.
It is about the attempted assassination
in which he took part.
Besides, Bechler entrusted us
with selling the document
and prior unknown video materials
related to this attempt by auction.
As a result of this deal,
Mr. Bechler intends to get
the amount of three million dollars.
The matter is the attempted assassination
of Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill
during their Teheran meeting in 1943.
Is Erich Bechler his real name?
No, it is a pseudonym.
Where is the manuscript now?
In a bank.
Are you certain of the document's authenticity?
The commission of experts confirmed
the authenticity of Hitler's signature.
You can familiarize yourself with the commission
results contacting my secretary, mademoiselle Erail.
Why hasn't Erich Bechler published his
memoirs before?
My client didn't authorize me
to answer this question.
He can do it himself.
Here is Erich Bechler himself.
You can ask him questions, but be brief.
No shooting!
No shooting!
Why haven't you published your memoirs before?
The person in charge of this action survived.
He was afraid that somebody would reveal
his involvement in this case.
He is not the one to be trifled with.
But now he is out of the game.
- Is he dead?
- No, he is in prison.
- What for?
- For terror.
- Mr. Legrain!
- Excuse me, I am in a hurry...
Oh God, should it be right now?
They always accuse the police
of being late.
- Do you need to interrogate me here?
- Please.
I am not going to bore
you with trifles, Mr. Legrain.
I have a little favor to ask. Only one.
I know, inspector, what this favor is.
You want me to arrange you a meeting with
my client, don't you?
That's right. Imagine, I know your answer, too.
You don't know his address,
and he finds you himself, when he needs it.
- You are quite shrewd for a policeman.
- Thank you.
The funny thing is that it's true, I really
don't know how to contact him.
The funny thing is that
I believe you, Sir.
- I believe our conversation is over?
- Yes, goodbye.  Goodbye.
What are your impressions
of this press conference?
- It is difficult to say yet.
- I am sorry to bother you, Professor,
but our institute is very interested in these
newspaper statements.
We know that you took part in those remote events,
so we decided to consult you.
I am authorized to make you a proposal:
to go to Paris and London as an expert
with the objective to ascertain the authenticity
of documents and video materials.
Do you accept it?
Good morning, dear passengers.
On behalf of Aeroflot the pilot and the crew
are glad to welcome you on board of TU-154
performing the flight Moscow - Paris.
Here is the lawyer Legrain's office.
The auction

- 1984
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