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Огонь, кровь, звезды

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The Fire, the Blood, the Stars
Daniel was right.
They don't like our kind anymore.
Monday, May 7, 2007.
The Left has lost the elections.
I have the painful impression
of a new age
where the French values
of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity
are being replaced by
Identity, Work and Security.
The Fire
We don't like you either, shitheads!
You self-centred bastards!
Think you'll get happy alone?
You're pigs!
Sucking on their pear sundaes
Their fingers covered in jam
And hatred painted on their lips
Staring up at the blue sky
Where the Japs struggle hard
To hijack Boeing jets
To take out those who complain
God, they all look terrible
I'm proud to do nothing
Proud not to be able to do anything
I'm proud to do nothing
Proud not to be able to do anything
I don't even have the drive
To go and sign on the dole
Sure I've reached the age
To find a place in my life
For my inexhaustible talent
And my infinite charm
It's tough being so lazy
When you love money so much
I'm proud to do nothing
Proud not to be able to do anything
I'm proud to do nothing
Proud not to be able to do anything
We won't give you our dreams!
Dream eaters!
Nightmare mongers!
We won't let anyone have them,
They're all dream eaters.
They're losing their memory.
Their bearings are gone.
Never forget, sweetheart.
Never forget Robert Desnos.
"The lliad" and "The Odyssey".
Your great-grandmother Georgette.
Oli and Momo.
And the Mediterranean.
And Van Gogh.
And Roman sculpture.
Everything that gives you courage.
"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"!
And "Porque te vas"
And "Donkey Skin"
and Violette and Heloiise.
- And the greatest director!
- Who is he?
You know!
Alain Guiraudie!
Since the stars are lit,
someone must need them.
Someone must want them there.
Someone called this spittle pearls.
And, strengthening the squall,
he speeds up to god,
fears that he is there too late,
weeps, kisses his gnarled hand,
pleads, he needs a star!
He swear that he cannot bear
this martyrdom without stars.
Then he expresses his anxiety,
he pretends to be calm,
he says to someone::
"Are you better? Are you still scared?"
Since the stars are lit,
someone must need them.
That means it's indispensable
every evening, above the rooftops,
that there should be
at least one star!
The Blood
"Following the 24 arrests last Sunday
on the Bastille Square,
"19 of the 24 demonstrators
"were tried immediately.
"12 of them,
aged between 19 and 31,
"were sentenced to 4 months in jail
for throwing
"paving stones at officers
breaking up the demonstration.
"Arnaud M., an engineer
with no criminal record,
"not the typical repeat offender,
challenges this.
"He says he was arrested
while running
"and never threw
or held a projectile.
"The 5 minors
arrested that same evening
"will be tried in juvenile court. "
What do we do now?
We join the resistance.
We plant bombs.
Five years is forever.
Yeah. Good luck, guys.
I'll keep a low profile.
I'll hide in the forest.
Anyone coming?
Follow me if you want.
A cop gave me this to shoot myself.
Can you do it for me?
It freaks me out.
Can you do it?
They say a minority
wants to change things.
But they forget
that minority can change them.
I don't think so.
I just think we're part
of a shit generation.
- We won't just die.
- Not for you.
- You won't get us.
- Lightning fast.
- We'll know our joy.
- We're here for that.
We remember.
We'll have things you won't.
The smells, the caresses,
the moon, the stars.
The Stars
You now, you little redskin.
I know what I'll do when I grow up.
I'll try to get elected President!
Here's my programme.
When I'm elected, I'll ban pigeons
from crapping on our heads.
I'll give all poor people a home.
I'll impose better pay
and lower prices
and more support for artists.
I'll give papers
to all the
Огонь, кровь, звезды

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