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Ole, ole, ole, ole
Ole, ole, ole, ole
Yessah ha-ha
Yes, girls.
Me mind on fire
Me soul on fire
Feeling hot, hot, hot
Party people all around me
Feeling hot, hot, hot
What to do on a night like this
Music sweet
I can't resist
We need a party song
A fundamental jam
So we go rum-bum-bum-bum
Feeling hot, hot, hot
Feeling hot, hot, hot
See people rocking
Hear people chanting
Feeling hot, hot, hot
Keep up this spirit
Come on, let's do it
Feeling hot, hot, hot
It's in the air
Celebrating time
Music sweet
Captivate your mind
We have this party song
This fundamental jam
So we go rum-bum-bum-bum
Feeling hot, hot, hot...
Oasual sex?
Feeling hot, hot, hot
You gotta be kidding.
- I can't deal with it.
- Me neither.
Not anymore. Just the thought of it
makes me paranoid.
- Let's introduce ourselves. I'm Stacy.
- I'm Melissa.
Right now, we're both scared
of being single and having sex.
- I've always been scared of sex.
- Not me.
This is embarrassing to admit,
but I remember when it was fun to say
"Wow, that felt great.
What's your name again?"
I've never had sex
with someone I didn't know.
For that matter, I've never said
"Wow, that felt really great".
Sex always seemed the best way
to feel connected with guys.
I guess that's cos I grew up when I did.
I wasn't much of a trendsetter
during the sexual revolution.
It woulda been a lot easier
if I woulda been more like Stacy.
- Melissa, you'll never guess what.
- What?
Kenny Kreiger came to where
I was baby-sitting and guess what?
- We were fooling around and guess what?
- What?
He made me touch it.
It was so weird.
It was like skin, only different.
- What colour was it?
- I don't know, I didn't look at it.
- You never saw it?
- Well, I don't know, it felt like...
Senior year, I saw it.
I still couldn't tell you the colour.
A month after my 17th birthday,
I finally did it. With it.
- Is that it? Did we do it?
- Yeah.
It kinda hurt. But it was good.
Yeah. Did you see
my other shoe anywhere?
By my second year of college,
I couldn't put it off any longer.
I was the only virgin left in the dorm.
Except Ronny, who knew
even less about sex than I did.
Please, Ronny,
you're my best male friend.
The first time I do it, I want it to be
with someone I'm comfortable with.
OK. But let's not get
all freaked out afterwards.
Thanks, I really appreciate it.
- I guess I should undress now?
- That would be good.
You want foreplay?
Yeah. That...
would be good.
I was especially hot
for artistic types with potential.
Like Baylor Schneff,
His lovemaking was just like his art.
Primitive, but passionate.
Brian Ellis,
lead guitarist with Dripping Sweat.
I couldn't get enough
of those backstage passes.
Gunther Kroger,
the sous chef that trained me.
He taught me to trust my instincts
in the kitchen.
Joey Eagans, the closing act
at the Giggle Box.
His timing was even better horizontally.
But not every man in my life
was an artistic genius.
Some, I must admit,
were very attractive strangers.
It was the early Eighties and sex
was still a good way to meet people.
Uh, excuse me.
I was never
as adventurous as Stacy.
Apart from with Ronny,
I only slept with one other person.
Gary Erdman, the guy I almost married.
I teach kindergarten,
and one of my kids fixed us up.
Actually it was Joey's mum,
but Joey took the credit.
God, I love the idea of being married,
of not being by myself.
With Gary, I thought I was finally
comfortable with my own sexuality.
To Bird, inside, over.
Open basket...
But I guess I

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