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Статский советник

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KormashovaNikita Mikhalkov's Three T Studios
and Channel One
Supported by the Federal Agency
for Culture and Cinematography
Konstantin KHABENSKY
We're only approaching Klin,
Your Excellency.
- It's snow drift.
- Arrange for some tea.
- He asks for tea.
- Let me handle this.
I'll also check of them sleep-heads.
Tea for His Excellency. Take some rest.
in a Philipp YANKOVSKY's film
based upon Boris Akunin's novel
- Mozgolevsky?
- I'm captain Zedlitz,
- chief of guards. And you...
- State Councilor
Fandorin. I hope you were informed.
Yes, Sir.
Emilia SPIVAK, Rostislav YANKOVSKY
Michel, we've Fandorin here,
he is in charge of Khramov's
security in Moscow.
I've an urgent message for His Excellencey.
I'll report to him.
This way, Mr Fandorin.
How do you do, Mr Fandorin.
Erast Petrovich, I presume?
There is an urgent message
for Your Excellency,
a top secret message.
Those nihilists give me no peace.
That very Brigade.
Here's a sentence: 'The bloody hanger
and murderer
'sentenced to death
'with no appeal'. What do you think?
I presume you heard dirty things about me.
Don't believe them. I addressed
that arrested girl on a first-name basis.
So what?
I've a grandchild her age,
and that girl slapped me
an old minister in the face.
For this she should have been banished.
I only had her whipped,
for her own use. And she hanged herself,
that fool.
- I can't understand.
- And you won't...
That will teach them other dogs.
Written by Boris AKUNIN
Directed by Philipp YANKOVSKY
Photography - Vladislav OPELYANTS
Production Designer - Vladimir ARONIN
Costume Designer - Sergei STRUCHEV
Music - Enri LOLASHVILl
General Producer and Art Director
- Erast Petrovich!
- Good morning.
A wire from St. Petersburg.
'Top Secret. Urgent.
General Khrapov is dead.
'The murderer is State Councilor Fandorin
'He should be found and arrested'.
Signed by Chief Gendarme.
What nonsense.
Give him to me!
It's not him: there is a semblance.
No semblance. Whom did you bring?
Where is Fandorin?
I am Fandorin.
Where is colonel Modzalevsky?
I should interview all witnesses.
Interview? Why on earth?
He is dead, can't you see?
I'll wait till this gentelman's
hysterics is over.
Let's start from the other ones.
I'll need the office of the station-master.
Tell General-Governor I'll come
with a report in two hours.
Let us examine the crime scene.
Where shall we take the dead man?
He's a very important figure.
Take him to the morgue, for autopsy.
...three: autopsy. Four:
the murderer's headwear
and dagger are in the laboratory.
Five: all exits from Moscow cordoned.
This is the end.
It's a shame because I didn't deserve it.
I've never had problems here in Moscow.
That damned Khrapov.
May he rest in peace.
Mind, he didn't live to reach Moscow.
We have a call from Tsarskoe Selo.
- The Tsar?
- Prime Minister.
Yes, Sir.
Please, tell his Majesty...
No, it has never been my ambition
to occupy someone else's place.
It depends on His Majesty,
and on the Lord Almighty.
What is unclear to you. Disconnection.
In old times we used to handle these
problems ourselves.
Now we have telegraph, telephone.
A star of detective work general Pozharsky
is coming today.
Erast Petrovich, could we untangle at least
one thread before he arrives?
- There is such one thread.
- What do you mean?
I mean your humble servant.
The terrorists had been notified
a certain state councilor Fandorin
is in charge of the minister's security:
someone had described my appearance to them.
It won't be hard to find the source.
We've four variants.
- We know three of them.
- I don't quite grasp you.
The decision about my person
was taken yester night.
People from the police department
in Petersburg knew. -
Its makes one.
Статский советник

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