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based on the story by A. Platonov
Mother, I've eaten!
-Wait, he's not yet ready.
-He will be.
-But not like that...
-We're not the only ones...
Maybe our luck will change...
He'll still have to go.
No fooling around, now!
Oh dear God...
Come on...
Yes, like that...
Yah, we gave water and food
to the little bull, and now...
Don't cry...
don't brood, all right?
Think something pleasant about him.
It'll probably be easier for you that way.
Go, go !
Are you asleep over there ?
Are we going to stay hungry ?
You think it's me?  Try it yourself.
She's grown completely dumb.
At least she hasn't died yet.
She'll plant her hooves, stay there -
and what am I supposed to do?
You should shake it off.
He won't return... ever.
Now I will be your son.
Malyona !
Mother !
We owned a cow.
When she lived,
we drank her milk
mother, father, me
and her son, the calf.
And there was enough for all.
Then the calf was sold for meat.
The cow began to suffer,
and soon,
she was killed by a train.
And she was also eaten,
because she was meat.
The cow gave us everything :
her milk, her son,
her meat, her skin,
her insides and her bones.
I remember our cow, and will not forget.

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