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The Vietnam peace talks
are continuing here in Paris today...
... against the background of what to do
about the release of American POWs.
In the United States,
sentiment is running high...
... for a complete accounting
for all of the POWs and MIAs...
... those listed as Missing in Action,
before any treaty is signed.
The prisoners, men such as these...
... are Americans who have been captured
during the 10 years of fighting in Vietnam.
The Undersecretary of State,
Conrad Morgan...
... is the chief American delegate
to the talks.
This morning, outside the mansion
in which the talks are being held...
... Morgan told reporters
that he is optimistic.
I now sincerely believe...
... the North Vietnamese delegates
are dealing in good faith...
... and that significant progress
can now be made.
As chief delegate to these talks...
... are you saying a final agreement
has been reached?
What I'm saying is what I said.
The situation is extremely delicate,
but significant progress can now be made.
Is that clear? I certainly hope it is...
... because I would appreciate
those of the press getting that straight.
What if Kuong Yen decides to throw
new roadblocks into these negotiations?
I suppose we'll have to
take things one step at a time.
There is one more question the American
public deserves to have answered.
What about the Missing in Action?
Have you and Kuong Yen
discussed that at all?
Of course we have discussed that...
... and we will continue
to discuss that question.
But I'm sure you can all realize,
that is of such a sensitive nature...
... I'm not at liberty to go into that now.
I can only say this: I'm very hopeful
that we will arrive at a solution.
- What the hell are you doing in my room?
- You told me to meet you here.
Could have waited in the lobby.
Turn that goddamn thing off, please.
I'm enjoying it.
Mr. Morgan, please,
can we have a statement before you...
- Come on, bring that shit in here!
- Coming.
I'm not as nimble as I used to be.
Nor as coordinated.
Actually, Conrad,
I have always been rather clumsy.
When you get that stuff cleaned up,
make me a scotch, will you please?
So, the war is over, Mr. Undersecretary?
You're practically a national treasure.
Son of a bitch.
Which son of a bitch is that?
Hope they cut his balls off.
- Give Harolds a pair of scissors.
- When the time's right, I'll do that myself.
Sounds like your private meeting
with Kuong Yen...
...was what you guys in State
called "a frank discussion of the issues."
What the hell is this,
some kind of a joke to you?
- You could say so.
- It's not to me.
Somebody's gotta take it seriously.
I told 'em I didn't need
any goddamn CIA help on this thing...
And they shove me down your throat!
We've been through this before, Morgan.
Now, what the hell is it this time?
How many of your CIA people
are the VC holding?
What are you talking about?
Save that bullshit for Congress.
How many?
150, maybe. Why?
They're dead.
The fact that we have positive information
to the contrary is irrelevant.
He wants a sacrifice.
Speak intelligently, Morgan.
As an addendum to the peace terms,
Kuong Yen wants a sacrifice.
Call Omaha and get a flock of sheep.
He claims he's lost a lot of family
to you people.
This isn't important, of course,
but I also think he's a psychopath.
That makes him unique in this business,
doesn't it?
In any case, we agree to write off
those people as Missing in Action...
...and they agree to call off the war
and give us a lot of other people back.
And you agreed?

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