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Why are you yelling, Maria?
Shut up! Go on with your painting!
The rest is none of your business!
No one can ever leave this place!
Some procedures you got here!
It's enough to make you
scream, you know!
People are supposed to sit here
all night waiting for tickets!
Is it war or what?
No coming, no going.
And no one to complain to.
No one to tell about it.
Such huge trains are running and
they can't take just one person on.
What kind of business is that?
- Hey, man, what's that you got?
- A ticket.
- For the next train?
- Right, it's coming.
- She said no tickets.
- This is WL. It's expensive.
How expensive?
Well, it's not that expensive,
but it's good because...
Oh shit!
Make way, women!
Can you hear me?
Aunt Katya, take a broom
and come to the buffet.
Folks, who ties animals
to the ticket office?
Someone tied a dog, now it's a steer.
It's no way.
Untie him, please.
Good day.
- Hi.
- It's occupied.
Oh God...
- I'll be right back.
- All right.
- What's your name if it's no secret?
- Tanya.
Tanya dear, some tea, please.
I guess your tea isn't strong enough,
so don't bother, I'll make it myself.
I've got such little bomb...
Just bring me some boiling water.
- So it's you?
- Yes, me.
It means...
- With me?
- I guess so.
- You alone?
- Alone.
All right...
How about you...
None of your business.
- Go away mister!
- I apologized, didn't I!
I'm not going like this.
- What's up?
- Don't you have women's beds?
You put me up with some...
Don't you see... How come?
- Is he making passes?
- What do you mean, passes?
I can't change,
can't put my slippers on.
Go back to your compartment now,
we'll find something for you.
It's a long way to your station, the
whole night, we'll think of something.
Wait! What are you doing?!
Turn it on now!
Turn on the light!
Hooligans! Oh...
Where's that man?
- What's the matter with you?
- Nothing.
It's a tunnel.
I know.
Why did you get scared?
- Come in.
- Thank you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
My name is
Yuri Nikolayevich Lyapin.
Do you mind?
This is Georgian dry wine.
My friend sent it from Georgia.
- Nah, I don't drink colored wine.
- Well, I don't drink much either.
I even quit smoking.
But sometimes it helps,
it calms you.
Really? Then pour me some.
For you too?
That'll do.
- To our meeting.
- To our meeting.
Oh, what a poison!
Some friend you've got!
No, actually
he's a good man.
Actually, he's not Georgian,
he's Greek,
though he lives in Tbilisi,
he is a tennis coach.
Excuse me, what's your name?
- What?
- Your name.
Oh. Maria.
And I'm Yuri.
I didn't drink that much,
but it went to my head.
Let's have something to eat. I was
hanging about the station all day!
Very well.
You take charge here, I'll go and
procure some plates and forks.
Tanya! Can you find
some plates and forks for us?
There you go.
Thanks a lot.
Good girl!
My dear, why do you keep
coming and going?
You know, I couldn't understand
how it could...
how it could be that the door's
locked but the man's gone!
You know, I thought I was
going to die.
Let's have another shot.
Though I can't drink much.
You know, when I drink, I get...
I get kind of bad in the head.
Start singing right away.
The matchmakers came to me
On a skewbald mare!
Carried away all my stuff,
For the bride didn't care!
What's up?
Did you wind it up?
No. Guys from our fish
factory gave it to me.
As a joke, they wrote on it:
Don't oversleep the fishing season.
It works alright,
but rings whenever it likes.
Excuse me.
Are we almost there?
- Maria, may I call you?
- All right.
- Shall I give you a lift? I got a car.
- No.
Come on! Come on!
Fast train number 71
"Bogachyovo  Suvorsk"
is arriving at track one.
The train stops for 5 minutes.

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