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EndA production of "Armenfilm" named
in tribute to Amo Bekhnazaryan
This film was comissioned by the USSR
State Committee of TV and Radio.
Will you look at that Shrovetide!
Inspired by Toomanyan's fairy-tale.
Script, Director, Animator, Producer:
R. Saakyants
Well, well, well
The land is mine, right?
I'm the landlord, right?
Then why are you not paying taxes?
What do you mean?
Look, here they are:
for the land and water
What about the snow?
It's here!
We paid for it last week
You mean right before the New Year?
Ha! That was for last year's snow
How about this year?
No! It's only butter.
How nice!
I don't wanna look down my nose...
Cause there's a big wart on it?
I don't wanna look down my nose at you, so,
as Shrovetide's coming,
you can pay me with butter.
Get your wages and sign here
Where should I put it?
Let it stay there for a while.
It's for Shrovetide.
We should wait for Shrovetide and then ...
When Shrovetide comes, then ...
Comes where?
Oh, forget it!
That Shrovetide, who is it?
Who is that Shrovetide?
When will he come?
Stop! Who goes there?
It's me! Shrovetide!
Really? You've come?
Yes, I'm here.
Take it now!
Maybe later?
Will you look at him!
You think I've got nothing better to do
than look after your stuff?
Ok, then.
Will you hark at him! "Ok, then"
He's having fun and I have to watch it!
Just get a load of him!
He thinks he's the bee's knees
Look at him - thought he could make fools of us!
What's going on?
Shrovetide came.
As you ordered, I gave him the butter and ...
Gave him the butter.
Little Mr Too-Big-For-His-Boots!
He's this small, but so cunning
What have you ...!
Have you seen a kid here?
Yes, he's just passed by.
Will I be able to run him down?
No way! While you horse runs on
four legs: one, two, three, four ...
The boy runs on two legs:
one-two, one-two ...
I'll watch your horse and
you run: one-two, one-two
One-two, one-two!
(The man): One-two, one-two
(The boy): One-two, one-two
one, two, three, four...
The End

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