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Somewhere in the Middle East...
lf you're telling the truth,
you'll live...
But if you're not Senor Sampieri...
l promise you -there'll be nothing
left foryour relatives to bury.
Don't worry,
l'll be back soon.
Go on, you saber-toothed ass...
Good guy!
Go on... go on...
Gone to sleep?
Move it, slowcoaches...
Well done, boys!
Attention, it's me, Know-all.
They're leaving... Begin the operation...
l repeat, they're leaving.
Begin the operation.
Okay, beginning now.
Yes! He's answering...
vodka, gherkin,
a drag of nicotine?
Don't worry, Sergei.
Worry can be useful.
The rule is: God helps those who suffer.
Really? Then l'm the exception.
l hearyou, Mowgli,
switch to plan B. Too bad...
Understood, same as ever.
l'd prefer Plan A.
Halim, good day, sir!
l'll keep it brief.
Give me the lowdown on this guy.
Shit! A camera!
Keep calm, it's not working.
Thanks fortelling me,
l nearly jumped...
l'm there...
Here's the info on our man,
- Champagne!
- Send it, time's up.
Sending it now.
- Quit the file, sybarite.
-Yessir! Mowgli, danger!
Bluebeard's coming back.
Move it.
How long have l got?
No time, move it! Hear me?
Hang on, chief,
it's still developing.
Anything there?
Oriental Museum,
Maghreb tomb, cityscapes.
Okay, hurry up.
Blank, nothing suspicious.
So they weren't lying...
Journalist, specialist
on oriental architecture.
You were attracted
to this beautiful mansion
when only the roof is
visible overthe wall?
After40 you need
to give your nerves a rest,
pass this priceless information
to a new generation of idiots.
Enough, this is my last mission.
You broke the law, Sampieri,
trespassed on the premises
of the venerable Ashraf Sabeidi.
My boss is away,
l'm in charge of security.
l can do what l like with you.
Guess l'll let you go
on one condition.
Tell me how you got in.
Try and make it convincing.
Lie and l kill you!
Overthe wall.
lmpossible, it's electrified.
There's no electricity, chief.
Call the electricians now!
But one man alone
can't climb that wall.
ljumped over.
Then leave the same
way you arrived.
Can l have my things
and my camera?
You get one chance.
That wasn't too clever, chief.
Great to have you back.
Struck lucky again?
Trickster, son-of-a-bitch...
How goes the snake hunt, Farouk?
Who is this?
No matter...
Don't be in a hurry to hang up.
lf you do we blow you up...
Remember, l can hang up too.
Everyone out! Bomb!
27 fatalities,
30 wounded.
Some of them children.
A viper?
Yes, their sign.
Left to mark the spot
where they took revenge.
Who's tracking them?
lnterpol, and now
we joined the hunt.
3 months ago we were informed that
the international terrorist group viper
is to carry out 'acts of revenge'
in New York, Tokyo and Moscow.
ln Moscow.
Planned forthis winter.
We know nothing more, neithertime,
place, or nature of the act.
Won't be easy to get on theirtrail.
viper gives nothing away,
nobody ever saw their boss
Muhammed-al-Hadi in the flesh...
Our goal -to prevent
them carrying it out.
While you were fishing
on vacation we hooked a fish too.
An Arab guy got in touch
with our contact in Berlin.
They were in that cafe.
Who was the contact?
vladimir, who was it?
Everyone out! Bomb!
They found a package
in his breast pocket.
Just before he died
he resumed consciousness.
'Tell victor:
An old friend's better
than a new one...
...and give him this.'
He didn't smoke.
Whatever, had it with him.
Can l go?
Watch this and l'll
give you the lowdown.
His name's Jawad Sheibani.
l see this guy
has tight security.
You guessed right - one of
the richest men in the Middle East.
Orange plantations and carpet factories
are the main source of his income.
Nothing compared to the wealth
of even the poorest oil sheik,
but if you count unofficial deals...
...the figure isn't far short
of an oil fountain.
Get it. Carpets and

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