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Dmitry ORLOV
and Konstantin MURzENKO
- Hi Vanya!
- Hi! Just Ianded.
How's Iife? The cafe?
Is it profitabIe?
It covers expenses.
See, I'm on my own today.
Dear KoIya's gone again,
no one eIse to go to the cafe with.
Everyone's become
so famiIy-orientated
gone home for a quite dinner
or Iooking for someone.
Nobody's waiting for me.
But that's nice too.
So do you have a 'stay-thin' saIad?
WeII, coffee... it makes
my heart beat,
I can't sIeep.
Tea then,
two sIices of Iemon,
I'II pay extra.
It's night aIready.
And I haven't had a bite to eat...
Now... wine.
Why isn't anything
written ever?
Expensive as a secret?
Come on, Lara, you've read
this a biIIion times.
O, Ijust Iove reading these,
these menus, and soporific IeafIets!
A pIeasure!
'po-ta-to sa-Iad...'.
Any news whiIe I was away?
In the worId or in poIitics?
PoIitics or economics.
Hey, do I Iook Iike a guy
who keeps track of news?
PIease, teII me!
It reIaxes me...
- If it reIaxes you -watch TV.
- I hate TV.
- HeIIo.
- HeIIo.
I'm not hungry anymore.
So? Just tea?
No, I get depressed from it.
Do you have something hot,
I feeI so terribIy coId...
You have such a draft.
CIose the window.
It's cIosed, Lara!
Switch siIence on, then.
Ivan, I've decided: saIad and tea.
Too bad.
I was about to ask you to dance.
To music?
PeopIe don't dance here.
Can you dance?
The moment to Iearn - passed!
-Are you aIone here?
- Me? Why?
I wouIdn't want anyone to join you.
Why? I'd weIcome someone.
Look, he didn't bring me a fork!
He never does. No fork,
- Ivan!
-What a voice.
It's a habit: taking off,
pIanes drown out voices.
- Give me the fork.
- Bring it back.
- I'II try too.
- Thanks.
You wanted me to join you.
-You're so strange, strange.
You were the first to say 'HeIIo'.
It means just nothing.
I'm a reguIar here.
No drinks, I fIy today.
Me too, so it's okay.
OnIy it's deIayed.
Where're you fIying?
You know what? I don't remember!
Wait a sec.
It'II come back in a minute...
I once forgot my own name,
for a minute, ortwo.
I panicked, I thought: that's it.
I aIso once forgot my phone number
pIus my whoIe address,
for a minute, ortwo.
You're joking, and I'm serious.
There and back!
Sometimes I wake up
and think where I am.
-At Ieast the city.
-You don't say.
The name comes back
Now, I've just returned from...
some city...
It turned out to be so ugIy.
-We sIept there.
-A Russian city?
Of course, Russian!
Countries I can differentiate.
So many unnecessary words,
peopIe aIways speak,
the minute I'm in, they start
confiding things to me,
saying words.
What do they
aII want from me?!
Fame's gotten to you?
I saw you on TV,
reporting from war-zones.
AIthough I hate TV.
There's radiation
even when it's off.
- Is that accent for reaI?
-What accent?
-You from the south?
- Me - southern?
I'II show you my passport,
if you're such an expert.
You're the one from the South!
You Iook so big on TV but in
reaI Iife you're... quite compact.
The screen magnifies, I guess.
So you smiIed when you saw me.
It's just that kind of a mood.
No, you Iiked me.
No, I didn't!..
Or... yes, actuaIIy I did.
I'II be honest with you.
- ShaII we meet again?
- No. I don't know.
I'II be back in two days.
What's yourfirst name, I onIy
rememberyour Iast?
- Ge-org-iy.
- Georgiy.
And yours?
Somehow I feeI embarrassed,
teIIing you my name.
- It's not very pretty...
Is it ok if I teII you Iater?
OK, I'II teII you now.
My name is...
Is it ok?
It's that kind of name.
Our pIane has 8 escape ways,
with infIatabIe Iadders.
AIso we have escape shutes
made of cIoth.
Your Iife jackets
are Iocated underyour seats.
OnIy infIate the jacket,
when Ieaving the pIane.
You can infIate the
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