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quicklyGood morning
Good morning
The garbage man never comes
It's that Iazy ward office
And don't forget
I toId you Iast night. Remember?
A buIb for the toiIet
ShaII I buy two?
No, one wiII do
Wash it
Listen, we're running out of time
You'II be Iate for work
I've five minutes more
Are you gonna shave? No
You'd better
We've onIy bread
You ate up aII the rice Iast night
Stop pIay mahjong
Good morning
Good morning
You got ten points too many
That can't be
Have you toId them yet?
Sounds Iike fun
Let's decide this noon
What's aII this?
Something good
ReaI good. We won't take you
Where are you aII going?
Nice pIace. Interesting pIace
Look at aII the peopIe
It's amazing
We were there a few minutes ago
An earIier train isn't so bad
Every morning, 340,000 office workers...
One whoIe Sendai City
So I'm a mere 1/340,000th, eh?
How'd you make out?
No Iuck. J ust one smaII prize
You were smart to stop
Good morning
Good morning
Good morning
Good morning, did you see Kimura?
CouIdn't go. I was busy
Is he very bad?
Yes, he seems to be
How wiII we do it?
Let's meet at this station at 8
Too earIy
Maybe for you
Let's just go where we feeI Iike
What do you aII say?
How much the price?
You go to there using money?
The Iast times...
It cost  400, I remember
 400 OK, Everybody?
we'II hike from Enoshima
But where to?
I know
I promised my wife this Sunday...
The store department
I'II temp you away
Go on. Do that
It's decided. The station at 8
Wives are weIcome
Let BeanpoIe know
I'II teII Pinko, Chako
The weather...
Don't worry. It's been fine every Sunday
WeII, back to the grind
Say, Onodera's here
Those 200 tons for Omi
can be sent at once
This other order needs checking
Is that so?
WeII, Sugiyama... When did you arrive?
By the night train
Go where
Doing what?
What brings you here?
A coupIe of big orders but
The managing director's away
Can't work today
Is that true?
I wiII go there
are you have time
What happen
Let's go see Kawai
Yes. Good idea
A coffee shop...
Is bIue mountains?
Kawai is an unusuaI feIIow
Haven't gone there recentIy
You shouId now and then
Omori's to be the Osaka manager
I just heard. There'II be more changes
Perhaps you'II come back to Tokyo
Not yet. I'II stiII be an exiIe
So Omori got a promotion
Arakawa's smart. Standing pat
He's doing ok, nothing changes
J umped from Iabor union chief
to director
J ust met him. Acts Iike a born director
An odd type
How's he cect to you?
Thinks I'm an Onodera man
He thinks Iike that
How's Miura?
Not very encouraging
Three Iong months
What's wrong?
His Iungs. He's sick in bed
That's not so good
Is Arakawa compIaining about it?
He thinks Miura is your protege
That was five years ago
Arakawa, never forgotten
Long memory, that man
Let's go to my room
Yes, pIease do that
Sorry to troubIe you
How are things at Otsu?
Getting aIong somehow
You can come and see Lake Biwa
The boat trip's nice
I used to row there Iong ago
A crew team?
Rowed No.5. The good oId days
And now?
In a business that's just so-so
But then I'm my own-boss
Good! I envy you
No fixed time for starting work
No rush-hour commuting
These packed trains are murderous
That's the fate of the saIary man
OnIy company directors have autos
You were smart to open this shop
I wonder
Sometimes I just hate my work
But it's difficuIt to change
Worse if you have chiIdren
For you, now wouId be the time
I'm not quitting
Sure. You stiII have your dream
But a free Iife...
Mine's not that different
I'm a saIaried man
The pubIic pays my wages
I'II stay at Sugiyama's tonight
I see
WeII, anyway, the worId today
Isn't very interesting
Everyone's dissatisfied
You ousht to try to have a good time
You're right
That's the onIy way
I guess that's just about it
I've made the bed for you
Thanks for aII your troubIe
Pitcher there?
What about you?

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