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Wait, Squirrel!
Here, put it on.
Cranes like ships
Sailing up in the sky,
White ones and grey ones,
With long beaks, they fly!
You see...
You with your "cranes like ships".
Written by V. ROZOV
Directed by M. KALATOZOV
Director of Photography
Associate Director - B. FRIDMAN
Production Designer - Y. SVIDETELEV
Music by M. VAINBERG
Sound by I. MAYOROV
English subtitles by
T. SAMOILOVA as Veronica
A. BATALOV as Boris
as Feodor Ivanovich
A. SHVORIN as Mark
K. NIKITIN as Volodya
V. ZUBKOV as Stepan
A. BOGDANOVA as Grandma
B. KOKOVKIN as Chernov
as Anna Mikhailovna
An Order of Lenin Film Studio
"Mosfilm" production, 1957
Who is there?
Well, all right.
Say when, then.
Thursday, on the embankment.
Come on, that's too long.
Squirrel! You haven't told me
Squirrel, at what time?
What time on Thursday?
No, I can't make it.
I'll be working.
- All right.
- Don't be late.
- She's gone crazy over him.
- And he's over her.
That's love, my dear.
A harmless mental disturbance.
Grandma, why aren't you asleep?
Because it's time to get up, Boris!
Stop chomping!
Running around all night...
Are you jealous?
You haven't torn it, have you?
Your jacket's all right.
It's noon and he's still in bed.
The boy deserves a good rest
on Sunday. He works hard.
That work of his will result
in a marriage.
That's when you'll be really
For Irina, her diploma comes first.
Look out, Uncle Fedya.
She'll be a full professor soon,
while you're still only a MD.
If children don't surpass
their parents,
then the children are fools
and the parents are no better.
Thanks, Mamma.
This is Radio Moscow broadcasting
over all of the Soviet Union!
- What is it?
- What has happened?
Boris! We're at war!
Do you hear? We're at war!
Leave me alone!
Boris is working day and night.
Are you waiting for him?
I'm not waiting for anyone.
In time of war,
one should not get confused.
One should hold on to
a normal life pace.
Take me.
I dream of dedicating to you
my first symphony.
Will you come to the concert?
Suppose the Army calls you up?
The Army? I doubt it. Hardly.
Why "hardly"?
The most talented ones
will be exempted.
- Are you the most talented one?
- Me? Certainly.
Why are you following me around?
Aren't you ashamed?
I am.
I tried to keep away from you.
I know, Boris is my cousin.
But I can't help myself!
- Wait!
- I'm going home alone.
Hey, slow down!
You just had an operation.
I'd better be in shape
for that field-pack.
They're not wasting men like you
in the Army.
There'll only be one exemption
here, and one of us'll get it.
They'd better give it to you.
You've got knowledge, experience.
And you've got talent.
Save your sketches.
My wife's already got my bag
Well, as they say,
let's get our bayonets ready.
Hey, Stepan! Guys, give me
a hand...
Excuse me, Sachkov.
- Where's the summons?
- Not yet. I can't wait.
- Are you off now?
- No, I've got those sketches...
- I see. Take care.
- Okay.
- Hey!
- Yeah?
- Have you told her?
- No, it's too early...
- You're right. See you tomorrow.
- Right.
- Let go.
- I won't.
- You're going to fall down.
- No, I won't.
- You'll rip up the blackout.
- It's a blanket.
I'm going to call the militia.
I'm sick of the blackout.
Give me the blanket.
- Let go. You'll fall.
- No, I won't.
Come on, Squirrel, cut it out.
Let me hang this up.
You didn't come to the embankment
today, but Mark did.
- He's very handsome.
- So what?
- Aren't you jealous?
- What?
- Aren't you jealous?
- I haven't got the time for it.
I won't have much time either when
I go to the architecture college.
You'll never pass the entrance
- I will!
- I doubt it.
Cranes like ships
Sailing up in the sky,

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