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200-пудовая красотка

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Presented by KM Culture
in association with
Showbox/Mediaplex, Inc
REALies Pictures
KM Culture production
Released by
Showbox/Mediaplex, Inc.
Original Story
by Suzuki Yumiko
Forget about him.
And coming here every week
won't change your fate.
If that were the case,
I'd be making a fortune.
But it's not.
Should I tell you again?
You've had a tough life,
and you will.
And you don't stand
a chance with this man.
I wish otherwise,
but it's the truth.
Don't tell me
it's written on my face.
It is.
But you never know.
Then why try to find out?
I'll write you an amulet.
Look at your hair.
When'd you wash it?
Have him carry this.
I can't guarantee anything.
Free of charge.
Take it and leave.
Let me bow to you.
You don't need to.
To show my gratitude.
No, just go.
Thank you.
Way to go, girl.
Keep it up.
I'm so curious.
What are you good at?
Oh, not that.
Yes, that's it. I love it.
Hit me with a belt.
produced by
PARK Moo-seung, WON Dong-yeon
Why do I do this?
You don't need the look
for this job.
And I need to make lots of money.
For my dad.
- Tell me your body size.
- That's it for today.
Tell me your body size.
It's a secret.
You'll be amazed.
Yes... Tell me.
My bust is 34 inches.
Waist is 24, and hip is 36.
What is it?
Answer the phone.
My wife is in the shower.
I'm so scared.
Why is she showering?
- Honey.
- Yes?
starring by JOO Jin-mo
She's just taking a shower.
- You think?
- Calm down.
Should I sing you
your favorite song?
KIM A-joong
Should I sing you
your favorite song?
Should I sing you
your favorite song?
Jesus blessed me with...
Most of my customers have
been emotionally hurt.
Honey, cheer up.
I'll help you through this.
Okay, I'll take them off.
Here we go. You're a nurse today,
giving me a shot.
Pull down your pants.
I have to stay hidden.
directed by KIM Yong-hwa
it's my voice
that makes people happy.
it's my voice
that makes people happy.
Don't be mistaken.
My real job is a singer.
HAN Sang-jun. A man who's
given me a reason to live for.
Sang-jun, you're my light.
Sang-jun, can I love you?
Sang-jun... Sang-jun...
Hanna? Hanna!
Ammy, turn around. Now!
- Damn it!
- Chorus, take over!
Hanna? Hanna?
Can you hear me? Hanna?
Hanna? Can you hear me?
- Sang-jun, I'm fine.
- Okay.
Ammy, at the count of 3.
Good job.
Encore my ass!
What's wrong?
It was a good show.
Don't you ever dance.
You almost blew it.
I dance along with you
to make it seem real.
Are you performing?
Wear a sweat shirt.
There isn't any that fits me.
Why'd the stage collapse?
Good job.
Great job.
You okay?
They built the stage poorly.
I was worried sick.
I need to assess the situation.
So he's interested in you?
It's the feeling.
He's very nice to me.
Save it.
There are 3 types of women
for men.
Look. Pretty ones.
They're a treasure.
The average ones.
We're a present.
You? A reject!
Get it now?
Don't eat the fat.
I have a woman's intuition.
It's your illusion.
Intuition is from experience.
Have you ever been in love?
- Tell me.
- Have I been in love?
Yes, I have. My first love.
Did I ask you to buy
diet pills from me?
What am I?
A guy who sells you diet pills
costing 3 grand?
Don't say that.
Your business is slow.
I just wanted to help.
It is.
And you're not helping.
You made me feel
so miserable.
I'm sorry.
I'm warning you.
Don't do it again.
Give pills to Jung-min.
You're as pretty as you are.
Try to lose weight,
and we're through. Okay?
These are checks.
- Okay.
200-пудовая красотка

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