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SkyFuryThere are over 550 million firearms
in world-wide circulation.
That's one firearm for every
twelve people on the planet.
The only question is...
how do we arm the other eleven?
You don't have to worry.
I'm not gonna tell you a pack of
lies to make me look good.
I'm just gonna tell you
what happened.
My name is Yuri Orlov.
When I was a boy,
my family came to America.
But not all the way.
Like most Ukrainians,
we gathered in Brighton Beach.
It reminded us of the Black Sea.
I soon realized we'd just swapped
one hell for another.
Even in hell, an angel
sometimes makes an appearance.
I'd worshipped Ava Fontaine
since I was 10 years old.
Of course, she didn't know I existed.
I was starting to think she had a point.
For the first twenty-odd years of my life...
...Little Odessa was to me what it
is to the Q train...
...the end of the line.
"Little Odessa," New York - 1982
Oh, I did lie about my name.
It's not really Yuri Orlov.
There've been few occasions
in the in the 20th century...
when it's been an advantage be a Jew.
But in the 'seventies,
to escape the Soviet Union,
our family pretended to be Jewish.
Little about my life has been
kosher ever since
How's it going, brother?
It's not.
That's Vitaly, my younger brother.
He was as lost as me.
He didn't know it yet.
you're late.
My father took his assumed
identity to heart.
He was more Jewish than most Jews.
Which drove my Catholic mother crazy.
How many times?
I can't eat shellfish.
It's treyf.
You're not Jewish.
I like it.
I like the hat.
To remind us there is something...
above us.
I like that.
I'm going to temple.
You're not going to temple.
You go to temple more than the rabbi.
Get off my back, woman.
God, will you ever wise up?
Yuri, don't forget to check
the specials at the Palace.
Growing up in Little Odessa,
murder was everyday part of life.
Russian mobsters had also
from the Soviet Union
and when they came to America,
their baggage came with them.
There was always some gangster
getting whacked in my
but I'd never seen it with my own eyes.
I had this knack of showing up
five minutes before something went down,
or five minutes after.
Not that day.
It hit me.
It couldn't have hit me harder
if I was the one who'd been shot.
You go into the restaurant business...
because people are always going
to have to eat.
That was the day I realized my destiny...
...lay in fulfilling another basic
human need.
The next Sabbath,
I went to temple with my father.
However, it wasn't God
I was trying to get close to.
Eli, my eldest son, Yuri.
My contact at synagogue landed me
my first Israeli-made Uzi
submachine guns.
The first time you sell a gun...
is a lot like the first time you have sex.
You have absolutely no idea
what you're doing.
But it is exciting and one way
or another,
it's over way too fast.
The new Uzi machine pistol.
Big firepower in a small package.
This little baby uses 9 mm hollow points.
Twenty twenty-five round extendable mags...
...rear-flip adjustable sights.
Silencer comes standard.
Excellent recoil reduction.
Muzzle jump reduced forty percent.
Sixty percent improved noise
You could pump a mag into me
right now
and never wake the guy
in the next room.
Of course, that would eliminate your
opportunity for repeat business.
I did have a natural instinct
for smuggling contraband.
Fortunately, back then a video camera
was a big as a bazooka
Here I'd been running away from violence
my whole life, and I should've
run towards it.
It's in our nature.
The earliest human skeletons had
spearheads in their rib cages.
Where have you been?
What if we had a customer?
God bless America.
Beware of the dog?
You don't have a dog.
Are you trying to scare people?
No, it's to scare me.
Remind me to be aware of the dog in me.
The dog wants to fuck everything
that moves
Wants to fight and kill weaker dogs.

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