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Табор уходит в небо

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You can feel in the air
a moisture like in the grave.
Smells like this from six months.
Why did you left the family?
Gipsies are not like they used to be...
Now they trade their horses for gold.
And their soul...
Who knows more??
The dumb or the wise?
The dumb. The wise
is not suer about anything.
It's better to be dumb.
Too much thinking
brings lots of trouble.
What advice can you give me
if we won't meet again?
Don't love money.
Money dissapoint you.
Don't love women too.
They will trade you.
From all the drinks,
freedom is the sweetest.
Wake up in the morning and don't forget:
life ends when you don't expect.
I wish you a long life.
And die when the right time comes.
Directed & written by
Four kings.
Let's drink, gentlemen,
for the new 20th century!
Happy new year!
- Schwob!
- Yes, mr locotnent!
- do you know how to waltz?
- No, mr locotnent.
Put your right hand on my left arm.
Yes sir!
How is going to be the 20th century?
The zodiac signs announce
the end of the world after 16 years.
Look, mr Balint!
Couldn't you
wait until tomorrow?
No. I wanted to try my luck
now, to know how this year will be.
Now I know it will be wonderful!
You don't find horses like this
on these lands
Make some light!
I don't buy horses
stolen from officers.
- What about the others?
- I said I don't want this kind of horses.
Don't take it! Tomorrow, at the
market, will sell them on gold.
Wait! We have some unfinished
business. What about that?
This is your problem.
You don't let me breathe.
- I want fair trading.
- Fair? With stolen horses?
I want to say to your guests and to
your family a Happy New Year.
Thank you very much.
It's not good to start a
new year with old owes.
Let's go!
Forgive me!
Wait for me here!
- Do you like this?
- Not really.
- I'll give you the rest until Easter.
- Fine.
I left you some good
stallions. Happy New Year!
Get off the horses!
Come on! Come on!
Zobar! Go left!
Catch them alive!
I want them alive!
Confuse them!
Make them dizzy!
Leave those darn horses!
They will catch us and hang us!
COme on, who is closer!
Take me, come on!
We will hang in ropes.
Leave the horses, Zobar!
Let's cross river Tisa.
Shut up!
Don't kill the horses! You're not
sorry for them either, darn gipsies!
Crows will take away
my blue eyes.
I will hang you!
From your legs!
Confuse them, confuse them!
Let's go!
After them!
Save me, hawk!
Oh! They killed me!
Who are you?
They call me Zobar.
What is that?
Turn around!
Grass of the moon.
I drank water from the grass moon
for the bullett not to touch me.
I can see that!
Leave your left hand down,
so that evil go to the ground!
- Where do you come from?
- From Galitia.
It's snow on Carpatian Mountains,
but here, on Tisa, it's summer.
You will get better.
Where are you?
Where are you?
Wondering the world...
You forgot us!
Welcome, Zobar!
Rusalina, wake up!
Zobar came, with gifts.
- Am I beautiful now?
- More beautiful than the moment of death.
Was our mother beautiful?
So beautiful that other women
from the village were banishing her.
That's what they were doing
when they were seeing her.
Yes, she was the most beautiful
from the gipsy race.
- So I am beautiful too.
- Why do you say this?
People say I look just like my mother.
I will look for an artist
to make your mother's face.
A small one...
Hello father!
People are saying you studied a lot.
You know how to read in
russian, german, polish and romanian.
-You know many things...
- That's right, father. Sto je istina, istina je.
I read people's faces.
Do you think this is easyer?
No father, Your knowledge
is more useful.
I can see the shadow of death on your face.
- Put it away!
- If i could...
- How many horses did they killed on you?
- Three.
Табор уходит в небо

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