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Let me go, just for a minute.
You're going to stare
that baby right into a coma.
Stop exaggerating.
It's not good to check
the baby every five minutes...
imagining one terrible thing
or another.
I know, I know.
Here it starts.
Here we go.
Rudyard, she's not breathing.
Honey, she's sleeping.
The baby's sleeping.
Rudyard, it's crib death.
It's sleep!
She's asleep, honey.
Come on.
Oh, good.
That's better.
No, thank you.
Uh, he was one of
the most dependable men...
that ever worked for me.
I know. Thank you.
He was a good man.
I'm real sorry
about your daddy.
Take care of your momma.
Emma, wake up, please.
Wake up.
What's wrong?
I was tense,
and I was wondering
how you were feeling.
Would you like
to sleep in my bed?
No, thank you.
Would you like to sleep
in my bed again?
What are we going
to do with this hair?
Hey, Emma!
Patsy, hurry up!
You're going to miss him.
Oh, that's what
they were looking at?
Good night, honey.
Where's Momma?
Back with that old fart who's
trying to get in her pants.
Wait for the astronaut.
Oh, they got one on
every corner in Houston.
Say hi to Race.
Love ya.
We better get going.
I'll say good-bye
to my mother.
Want to go with?
No. I don't think
I'm up to it today.
Sure would be nice to have
a mother somebody liked.
Why don't you
face up the fact...
that you have
certain biological needs?
Because I don't.
Mom! I'm going now.
Excuse me.
Can you believe it?
He wants to take me to Tahiti.
I don't know why you
treat these men like this.
They have feelings, too.
Has the astronaut moved in yet?
Who? Is Patsy teaching
you coy lessons?
Breedlove, Garrett.
Next door.
Has he moved in?
Put your socks up!
Say good-bye to Patsy.
Be home by 11:00.
Say good-bye to Patsy.
Good-bye, Patsy!
Good-bye, Mrs. Greenway.
In this day and age, anything goes.
 Times have changed 
 And we've often rewound the clock 
 Since the Puritans got a shock 
 When they landed on
Plymouth Rock 
 If today 
 Any rock they
should try to stem 
 Instead of landing
on Plymouth Rock 
 Plymouth Rock 
 Would land on them 
I feel foolish getting stoned
to hear Mary Martin.
See, Patsy,
this is Mary Mar...
This isn't Mary Martin.
This is Ethel Merman.
This is the last time
we'll be like this.
I just plain refuse...
to get into that
kind of thinking.
It shouldn't stop.
I mean, we will be best friends.
Our babies will be best friends.
We'll all be best friends.
Oh, God!
Just a minute.
Open the door.
Emma, open the door.
Just a minute.
I need to talk to you!
All right.
I'm getting married.
What the hell.
Meet me in my room?
What do you think she wants?
Maybe she's going
to tell you how to have sex.
No. She only knows
how to avoid it.
I can't believe
you said that.
I didn't mean it.
I swear.
What have you
been doing, Emma?
What is it, Momma?
I really want to get some sleep...
so I look halfway decent
for tomorrow.
Come on.
What is it?
Would you want me to be
silent about something...
that's for your own good?
Yes, ma'am, I would.
Okay, come on.
I've been in here all night.
I've been trying
to decide what...
what wedding gift
to get you.
I thought of that Renoir
that my mother gave me.
But I couldn't reach a conclusion.
Then I came to grips
with the reason why...
I couldn't think
of your wedding gift.
It's all right.
I need dishes,
a rotisserie...
the car,
a house.
I'm totally convinced...
if you marry Flap Horton tomorrow,
it will be a mistake
of such gigantic proportions,
it'll ruin your life and
make wretched your destiny.
Why are you doing this to me?
You're not special enough...
to overcome a bad marriage.
Emma, use your brains.
Flap is limited.
He has no imagination.
All he wants

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