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Hello, Sam.
Hi, Marty.
Your kid brother got
married sunday, huh, Marty?
That's right, mrs. Fusari.
It was a very
nice affair.
The tall fella
with the mustache?
That's my other brother, Freddie.
He got married 4 years ago.
He lives on Webb Avenue.
The one who got
married sunday is Nicky.
Didn't I meet him here
one time?
A big, tall, fat fella,
tried to sell me
life insurance?
No. That's my sister
Margaret's husband, Frank.
Margaret married
the insurance salesman
my sister, Rose,
married the contractor.
They moved to Detroit
last year.
My other sister, Frances,
got married
about 21/2 years ago
in st. John's church.
Oh, that was a very nice affair.
Well, let's see, now.
That'll be $1.79.
How's that with you,
mrs. Fusari?
Marty, I'm in a hurry.
You're next, mrs. Canduso.
When are you
getting married?
All your brothers
and sisters younger than you.
They get married.
They got children.
I met your mother
in the fruit store.
She asked me,
"you know a nice girl
for Marty?"
What's the matter with you?
Mrs. Fusari-
you get married.
You hear what I say?
My boy, Frank, was 19 years
old when he get married.
That's swell, mrs. Fusari.
You should be
shame yourself.
Marty, I want
a nice, big, fat pullet,
about 4 pounds.
Your kid brother
got married last sunday?
That's right.
It was a very nice affair.
You should be
ashamed of yourself.
All your brothers and sisters
married and got children.
When are you
gonna get married?
Over in the national league,
double-headers everywhere
except in Milwaukee.
Giants are playing
st. Louis.
The giants are going to
wind up in the cellar.
Hey, Lou,
turn on the dodger game.
The Giants took
the first game,
3-2 in 10 innings.
The game over?
Yanks won 'em both.
They murdered 'em.
Any homers
Leo and me were in the bar,
and these two girls...
hey, Angie come in yet?
Hey, Angie-
you want a beer?
I look over...
hiya, Marty.
Hi, Ralph.
Leo and me picked up
two nurses-
Lou, two beers.
Marty, let me tell you
about these two nurses.
Man, oh, man.
What'd you read there, Joe?
They shouldn't sell
magazines like this.
S imagine the effect this ha
on adolescents
now that's something, huh?
I went out with a girl
that looked like that.
Hey, Richie
- the yankees took two today.
Hey, Marty.
Leo and me got a date
with these two nurses tonight.
We got to take them
somewheres first.
I'm kind of hard up
for cash right now,
and i... I owe you
10 bucks already, don't i?
I'll find it somewhere else.
Hey, hey, Richie.
That Ralph, boy.
He's always got girls
but no money.
cut it out, will you?
See you, Ralph.
What do you feel
like doing tonight
I don't know, Ange.
What do you feel
like doing?
We ought to do something.
It's saturday night.
I don't wanna go
bowling like last saturday.
Hey, how about
calling up that big girl
we picked up in the
movies a month ago?
Which one was that?
That big girl
sitting in front of us
with the skinny friend
oh, yeah, yeah.
Her name was Mary Feeney.
We took them home
to Brooklyn.
You think we ought
to call them?
I'll take the skinny one
she maybe got
a date already.
What can we lose?
I didn't like her.
I don't feel like
calling her up.
Well, what do you feel
like doing tonight?
I don't know, Ange.
What do you feel like doing?
We're back to that
I say, "what do you
feel like doing?"
And you say back,
"I don't know."
"What do you feel
like doing?"
Then we wind up at your house
with a couple of cans of beer,
watching hit parade on television.
I'll tell you what
I feel like doing.
I feel like going up
to see Mary Feeney.
She likes you.
What makes you say that?
Man, I could see
she likes you.
Yeah, sure.
Call her.
You call her yourself.
I don't wanna call her.
Well, how about
going down 72nd street?
See what we can find
down there?
Ralph says you got to
beat them off with clubs.
Boy, you're

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