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EnglishThere's never a cop around
when you need one.
How much?
Can't say I'm crazy about the paint job.
How long to get an order from the factory?
How much you give me
in trade for my Ford?
Really? Thanks a lot, you cheating bastard.
Great show. Held over
for a third straight year.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome warmly... 
Country Joe and the Fish. 
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. 
We're certainly delighted to be here today. 
We'd like to start off
our portion of the show... 
by giving you a taste of a little something
we call rock and soul music. 
This is really beautiful, man.
You have to realize the turnabout... 
that I've gone through
in the last three days. 
Just to look, just to see,
just to really realize... 
what's really important. 
The fact that if we can't
all live together and be happy... 
if you have to be afraid
to walk out in the street... 
if you have to be afraid
to smile at somebody, right? 
What kind of a way is that
to go through this life? 
They sure don't make pictures
like that anymore.
There is no phone ringing, damn it!
There is no phone.
My God, it's almost dark.
They'll be waking up soon.
Penthouse, Robert, and hurry. Oui, oui, sir.
This is your commentator
Jonathan Matthias with another bulletin. 
And now, as the Sino-Russian border war
continues to rapidly escalate... 
U.S. authorities are beginning to question
to what degree we will become involved...
in what could
swiftly grow into global conflict.
Abort firings! Interception
will fragment the cilia-carrying missiles. 
Repeat! Abort firings! 
Interception will fragment
the cilia-carrying missiles. 
Another day, another dollar.
Hi, big brother. How's your ass?
As for you, I think it's your move.
Join me?
Miserable schmuck.
Isn't he? Isn't he a sullen...
At it again, I see.
What'll it be tonight?
Museum of science? Some library?
Poor miserable bastards.
They almost got me tonight,
you know that?
Neville come out!
Shut up!
- Neville!
- Why the hell can't you leave me alone?
Three, brother? Are you sure?
- Not three.
- Three, brother.
Two were inside the garage
when he brought down the door.
We heard the shooting. Then Joshua.
The light. They should have
stayed clear of the light.
There was no light, brother. Just the fire.
- Nonsense. Neville can't see in the dark.
- Tell him that.
- Any more than we can see in the light.
- To hell he sees.
Good enough, he sees.
More! Burn it all!
One creature...
caught in a place
he cannot stir from in the dark.
Alone. Outnumbered, hundreds to one.
Nothing to live for but his memories.
Nothing to live with but his gadgets,
his cars, his guns, gimmicks.
And yet the whole Family
can't bring him down out of that...
That honky paradise, brother?
Forget the old ways, brother.
All your hatreds, all your pains.
Forget. And remember...
the Family is one.
But him, that thing...
that creature of the wheel...
that lord of the infernal engines
and machines...
What day is it, anyway? Monday?
The hell it is. It's Sunday!
Sunday, I always dress for dinner.
Let me put the power to him, brother.
Just a little nitro.
I can get the cannons
out of the old guard armory.
- We could have him out in no time.
- I said no.
We could, but then
the curse would begin all over again.
- Don't you see?
- Yes, I see.
I see him living high in the light...
while we rot and hide like grubs.
- What do you see, brother?
- He will be destroyed, brother. He will.
But not by guns, not by machines,
not by the evil forbidden things...
the tools that destroyed the world.
The world.
They destroyed the world. 
The entire Los Angeles area. 
Already hospital facilities have begun
to crack under the strain... 
and civil defense authorities state

- II

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