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Про Федота-стрельца, удалого молодца

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YOU1 TV Channel
Film Company "CTB"
Animation Studio "Melnitsa"
Believe it or not,
once there lived soldier Fedot,
and this is the tale of the daring fellow.
He was neither handsome
nor a fright,
neither wealthy nor hard up,
neither ragged nor dressed up
Fedot's mission
was hunting and fishing.
The Tsar had fish and game,
Fedot had thanks and that was his gain.
One day Fedot was ordered
to come to the court.
Out of dread
Fedot turned wet,
his ears started ringing,
his guts gave way,
and here's the beginning of the tale,
so to say.
Based on the tale by Leonid Filatov
Mon - Fri
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
The British envoy has come for
Our refreshment after night before,
While we only have to eat
Stale bread, a bone... and that's it!
You must go and bring some food,
Something special, something good,
Say, a partridge, or a grouse
Or whatever, from the wood.
If you can't do that, my dear,
I shall have to execute you, hear?
It's a matter of importance,
A state affair, is it clear?
What affliction! What a shame!
There isn't any trace of game.
Pr'haps that's the bird I have to shoot,
It's at least some kind of food!
They say pigeon meat is bad,
I should not agree with that,
When you have it with a sauce
It's like a grouse, or not worse.
Please, don’t hurt me, dear Fedot,
It’s quite worthless, is it not?
Just one bird is not enough
For a dish or pillow stuff.
Your foreigner might like to eat
Some kind of very special meat,
Whereas my meat’s just enough
To make a wild cat laugh.
Is the goblin somewhere here?
Are these tricks of the evening air?
Is there anything the matter
With my eyes or with my ear?
Don't do wrong to me, Fedot,
Take me home, and you know what:
When you bring me to your chamber
I shall be your destined lot!
I shall sew and wash and cook,
Never give you a rebuke,
I shall keep the house clean,
And I'll play the violin!
What a story, what a gag!
All right, get into my bag,
When we get home I'll find out
What this trick is all about!
Hello, Fedya, from now on
You and I will get along,
I'm Marusya, your good wife,
Or should I say, your better half.
Why are you silent? Have you got
A bone or something in your throat?
Maybe, you don't like my head-dress,
Or, maybe, you dislike my coat?
There is nothing I won't do
To admire you and be with you,
But I don't think that I can
Marry you and be your man.
See, this morning I was called
To the Tsar, and I was told
To get, you know’ a sort of a grouse
’nd bring it to the Royal house.
Though it's not a hunting season
With the Tsar it's hard to reason,
Then I thought, all right, a grouse
Is not a bison, so it's easy.
I have tramped the woods all day
But was out of luck today:
There was not a single game bird,
Nothing good came in my way.
So there isn't any chance
That I go out for a dance,
When I see the Tsar tomorrow
He'll chop of’my head at once.
Without my head.., well, I don't think
That I'm good for anything,
For it's my mind that makes the meaning
And the essence of my being!
Now, don't worry, don't complain!
You will have the meals and game.
Stand before me, Frol and Tit,
Get immediately what we need!
Do you hear what I say?
Go and do it without delay.
You don't have to doubt us,
We have done it many times!
I am interested in
Your technology of seedin':
Do your farmers skin the swedes
When they plant them in the fields?
I'm interested in
Your daily eating routine:
Do your people have their cocoa
With or without saccharine?
Then there's another thing
That I'm interested in:
Do your women wear knickers,
Sort of underwear, I mean?
Are you crazy? Shame on you!
Think whom you are talking to!
Women is the subject you
Turn all conversations to!
Will you shut up, be so kind.
If you don't, I'll jail you, mind!
Про Федота-стрельца, удалого молодца

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