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Тринадцатый апостол

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"The 13th Apostle - inspired by
Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles"
It took him a long time to die,
and it wasn't easy. He was in agony.
He refused medicine.
Wouldn't let anyone near him.
Tried to kill himself a few times.
But even with this infinite
fear of death that he felt,
when he was able to slip
out of consciousness,
he would speak your name,
with great tenderness.
Thank you.
I'm not intruding, am I?
It works. I tested it,
my dog is dead.
Amos. Captain of the 23rd,
27th and 39th Expeditions.
Retired upon his return
under tragic circumstances.
Travel ban to planet in effect due to
unspecified life-threatening conditions.
Currently held in confinement
at Space Veteran Center.
Single. No living
relatives or children.
Absalom. Not
included in our index,
as his case was closed
fifteen years ago due to death.
I saw our little boy today.
As if he were alive.
I played with him.
I asked you not to go into his room.
One day, I'll go blind.
...separate the white
from the yolk...
You'll stay with us.
-I suppose I will.
This is Alma, our Sister of Mercy.
Everybody loves her.
Alma, escort our guest.
Go back to your room.
Our establishment is a bit old-fashioned,
but many people like it that way.
Have a pleasant stay.
Good day.
-Hello, Alma.
Why is the medicine late today?
It's not late.
Your clock is running fast again.
I told the caretaker,
he promised he'd come by.
Is it not the watchmaker
that just came by?
Oh, heavens no.
He's just a visitor.
David's attending to him.
I'm glad it's David.
What are you so happy about?
I'm not happy,
I just think it's funny.
Just think it's funny.
Amos has deteriorated completely.
I don't believe that
concerns you anymore.
Thank you, David, for your kindness, your
bread, your wine, your love, your nuts.
Sit down.
-For your injections. -Sit down.
You're breaking your habit
and having lunch with us?
It's been years since anyone but me
cared about my habits.
You're wrong.
We have a visitor.
He's interested in your
final expedition.
This porridge is disgusting.
The anniversary's in two days.
We won't cancel the festivities,
even if he decides to stay here.
Eat your hardboiled eggs.
Good morning.
You have mice.
-That's impossible.
It's true. I know what
I'm talking about.
Very well, I'll tell them
to set a mousetrap.
I'm very happy to meet you.
I'll get out of your way.
You've hardly changed.
Familiar faces.
It's interesting, in your
report you write about
total madness,
mass hypnosis,
mirages, phantoms...
Do you stand by what you wrote?
Isn't that enough?
It isn't. You shouldn't think the
case is closed and filed away.
Time passes, things change.
Let me be frank, Captain.
I won't hide the fact that
we've recieved a request
to re-evaluate the planet's status,
that the case must be reopened.
Of course, in light of your
report, this would be...
difficult. But...
I must say that much about your report
raises... serious questions.
We followed our orders, the
National Program, to the letter.
We had to verify its priority.
Did you? And how did you verify it?
The usual way.
Be a good boy.
Be a good boy.
Be a good boy.
What about 'thou shalt not kill'?
Thou shalt not kill, Holy Father.
Thou shalt not commit adultery,
my son.
Be a good boy.
You know, I never slept
with her, in the end.
I'm not that great with women.
When my mother was still alive,
she really wante me to get married.
When we get back, I'll marry her
right away. She's a wonderful girl.
The only thing is,
she really loves jam.
So get this. A guy
came to the hospital.
He had an ingrown nail
on the big toe of his right leg.
His right leg?
On the big toe?
The doctor says...
Let's go, fellas...
Captain, I checked, after the blast.
They're mostly twenty-carat stones.
We laid him out on
the table, and I said,
what if it hurts a lot?
So we gave him a general anasthetic.
Тринадцатый апостол

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