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- By the Law -
Inspired by a Jack London's story
'The Unexpected'
Director - Lev Kuleshov
Writing - Viktor Shklovsky
Cinematography - Konstantin Kuznetsov
The gold rush has brought them
on this desert coast
The Irishman Michael Dennin
(Vladimir Fogel)
The chairman, swede Hans Nelson
(Sergei Komarov)
Nelson's wife - englishwoman Edith
(Aleksandra Khokhlova)
Associate Dutchy (Porfiri Podobed)
Associate Harky (Pyotr Galadzhev)
There is nothing on this gold mine -
we have to look for a new one!
Dennin, collect the instrument -
we are moving!
The gold mine of the company
During the whole winter
the company was successfull.
The output of gold continued...
I found the gold, and they
made their laundress out of me!
The spring came slowly.
Dennin is not here - he is not hungry anymore.
Because of envy he lost his appetite!
Your health, mister Dennin!
He's alive.
You can't do it without law -
it's a white man..
The weather changed abruptly.
One inch per hour.
I'll kill you anyway!
He died...
Two graves are ready -
if Yukon will not flood them.
The two killed
are travelling through storm and darkness
After the storm water covered
Days were going by in a tormenting silence.
The man or the woman -
one of them was always sitting
The ice on Yukon has begun to break.
A day.
A night.
Another day...
What do you intend to do with me?
We will treat you by the law!
I am so tired,
so tired...
I'm running out of tobacco...
Give me back my tobacco!
Not without law!
Edith's birthday came.
Don't be afraid,
take it out...
It's for you..
your birthday present...
Would you shave me?..
Shave him,
today is my festival!
Why did you do that?
Very simple, I thought...
And you said, I will be hanged...
Days were going by,
but you could not consider,
that the law would arrive earlier,
than in a few weeks.
Not today,
today is sunday...
Queen of England
Edith insisted, that english law
should be used,
because the criminal
was subject of the Queen.
We judge you in the name
of Queen Victoria!
Michael Dennin!
By the law of the Queen
you will be hanged...
and you will hang until you die!
Was my speech good?
Like in a real court!
And now it's all over!
The death, they say,
is not agonising.
The designated time came.
Lord have mercy upon us!
I couldn't make it better,
if I were making a rope for you, Hans!
E X E C U T I O N!
May God...
accept you,
a remorseful sinner.

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