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Чернокнижник III: Конец невинности

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lifeWe'll rest a moment, love
Where are you?
Come to mommy
Where are you?
Only when he looks at you
He will call
Are you sure you won't come
out tonight?
Yeah, I want to
I just have a drawing
for Monday
Why couldn't I be an
art major?
I'd be doodling all this
weekend instead of
memorizing the lives
of Russian Tsars?
I'll see you later
And remember color inside
the lines...
You are such a child
You got to be more careful
I could've been anybody
I wish you were anybody
Nobody would scare me
like that
I hate it when you do that,
Nothing beats a little scare
now and then
It gets the endorphins
You feel alive...
A little out of control
What is this about, Mikie?
Just a little power exchange
a little role playing
Works for Scott and Lisa
They are the example
to follow
You could spank me later
No thanks
I have other plans for you
Wait a second
Honey, it's for you
Yes, it is
You are kidding
A house?
Yes, I suppose so
I never...
...l will
Thank you
What was that all about?
A house
A guy from the historical
society up in Thatcher
Only you would get a call
at 7:30 in the morning
from a historian
They have a house
I didn't even know about it
A house has been in my
family for hundreds of year
Somehow this guy
tracked me down
The town wants to tear down
the house
and they said I could go
through and take out
family things if I want
You are not actually going
there, are you?
Why don't you come with me?
It will be an adventure
So it is like what?
Totally empty?
And we do what there?
You keep me company
You know, support of friend?
I'll go
I mean we could have fun,
We could hang out
You got finals, Jerry
We all do
Yeah, and no offence
but you can study anywhere
Have sketch pad will travel
But we need the
comforts of home
You know, books, laptops,
take out pizza
Why do this, Kris?
A couple of years ago,
when my mom died
I found out I was adopted
They never told her
The problem was that no one
from my biological family
was left
No one to ask the
questions you need answered
Like why they gave you up
Iittle things like that
So, if this mean that I'm
going to find out something
Then I'm going to go even if
it means spending the night
in some empty old house
Just remember Dr.Zaius
"Planet of the Apes"
Charlton Heston rides off
into the sunset with the
chick in the fur bikini
Right before he finds the
Statue of Liberty
the head ape says...
You may not like
what you find
Yeah, hold on
I am out by the old Miller
Complaints again
It is banging this time
Half a mind to think it is
a frozen pipes
about 50 years the place
has been empty
Anyway, the town wants me to
check it out
I shouldn't be long
I can't believe you won't
come with me
We talked about this
This is an important
semester for me
You know that of all people
I got to score
I need this weekend
with the books
Sweetheart, I'm doing it
for us
I got a great idea
Why don't you go with Jerry
We know he'd love to
take you
He would drop out at
the chance
Like I might want to be
alone with Jerry
It is just a suggestion
You know what I mean
I love Jerry but not for
a dark night
in a lonely house
I mean is Jerry going to
protect me?
I don't think so
You could
Protect you from what?
Micheal, this is really
scary for me
What if what Scott said
is right?
Who knows what I am going
to find there?
Tell you what
We leave on Monday
after exams, all right?
We drive up together
They are pulling stuff out
starting Monday
I want to get there now
See you
I'm so sorry
Are you okay?
Why are you here?
What do you want?
I'm looking for Thatcher
The Miller house
You've come back
Go home
There's nothing for you here
I know that I'm looking for
the Miller house
Believe me
You don
Чернокнижник III: Конец невинности

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