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Production: Studio "Georgian Film"
Script: Amiran Tchitchinadze
and Otar losseliani
Director: Otar losseliani
Photography: Abessalom Maisouradze
Production designer:
Dimitri Eristavi
Sound: Vaja Matchaidze
Assistant director:
Avtandil Matchaidze
You can't leave without eating.
How does it look?
Why do you put that black shirt?
Don't annoy your father.
I ironed a white shirt.
The white get dirty quickly.
I'm ashamed to see you like this.
- Eat.
- I'm eating!
I'm eating, papa!
- Have some bread.
- I don't want to.
You must eat bread!
You hear what you're told?
Wake up!
Our team of cow handlers
progresses every day.
Last year we got
2050 liters of milk per cow,
a figure exceeding the plan
by 490 liters...
You could shine your shoes.
- There!
- And the other?
You're incorrigible.
Button up!
I'm ashamed to walk with you.
Hands out of your pockets.
Lower your collar.
Hold the papers.
It's for your benefit.
No less than 6 photos.
Head straight.
No joking!
Excuse me. You wish?
- Passport.
- Right away.
Where can we find the director?
The return of the price drop
allowed in this five year period
a saving of 2 million rubles...
I forbade
giving wine to individuals!
He asked me, I couldn't refuse.
When will you obey my orders?
May we interrupt?
Four measly decaliters!
You find that little?
Let me talk to these persons.
You have any diplomas?
What do I do then?
Let me speak to them.
Any commendation?
Very good.
A pen.
- No sports?
- No.
I'm good at billiards.
- And cards?
- Sometimes.
- For money?
- It happens.
- Drink?
- Sometimes.
Well. And you?
I don't drink, don't gamble.
To the lab.
And you, the cellar.
You took advantage?
We begin right away?
Our collective will please you,
they're young and healthy.
Your turn.
Drop it.
All the jars you gave me
were cracked.
You can check.
- I saw it, but...
- What, but?
I didn't dare tell you.
I was troubled.
I'll go down, return,
and talk about it.
Hello. Recognize me?
We live on the same street.
- What number?
- 20, next to you.
At aunt Nina's?
You work here?
You can tell?
We're sent to your place.
Good luck.
Greetings to aunt Nina.
I'm sent as technician
to shop no 1. It's here?
He's accusing us of selling wine?
We'll look into it.
Let's get over that.
Is this shop no 1?
I'll handle it.
Don't worry about the old one.
He's got worries and is nervous.
No shortage of work here.
The main thing
is to impress the workers.
A worker is a worker.
He likes serious people.
One must be strict.
He saw me?
My dear friend, it's been so long!
It's too small!
It's all I have.
Take care of our friend.
Who is he?
A pain. A leech.
Comrades, you're in
an avant-garde company.
Our cellars are from 1780.
We reproduce great wines
and table wines...
Where's my brush?
Why do you ask me?
I have to scrub with my hands?
Not that one.
Mine is shorter.
Look over there.
On the right, in the corner.
In this cellar,
wine is clarified and aged.
All this is your domain.
You have to decide.
Leave that. Take your coat off
and bring another barrel.
I'll take it.
Thank you very much.
Are you tired?
Not at all.
Did you see that beggar?
The fifth time he comes.
No scruples.
What do you care?
Better to drink.
- What is your name?
- Niko.
To your health, young man.
It has matured.
Yes, it's good.
Your family name?
Alexander, who was he to you?
My father.
A good man.
Cheers, my boy.
Thank you.
- You're alone here?
- Yes.
- May I entertain you?
- You think you can?
- Why not?
- Then, try.
What are you doing tonight?
- You're inviting me?
- May I?
This one's cracked.
What eyes she has!
- You like me?
- Yes.
Then maybe, one day,
is it possible...
Sign the receipt.
- Can we talk?
- Let's close the door.
That's it?
One moment.
Put that down.
- What is it?
- A


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