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Новый Гулливер

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[singing some pioneer song
i'm not able to grasp the lyrics]
[if someone does understand them,
please, provide us with translation]
Young ???, today we celebrate a small victory.
Out of broken boat cast ashore by waves
we have built beaytiful yacht with our own hands.
Builders of yach themselves will sail to Adalara island.
We're going to award a bonus to best of them right now.
Pionners, follow the example of your front-rank comrades!
Keep your hands steady on studies and friendly collective labour!
Hail to shock workers of 'Artek'!
Comrades, let's begin awarding bonuses to best [people]!
Comrade Yudin, instructor of 'small group'.
Comrade Konstantinov, brigade's best shock worker is awarded
his favorite book "Gulliver's Travels".
[another song i unfortunately can't really understand]
Boys, come here!
Careful! Watch yourself!
Boys, we're here! We're going to have breakfast here.
Boys, dig in!
...take apples and grapes...
Helmsman, catch!
Well, boys, what are we going to do?
Let's read "Gulliver"!
Boys, there is a proposition to read "Gulliver" aloud.
Come here, there will be reading of "Gulliver"!
Boys, keep quiet.
My father owned a small estate in Nottinghamshire.
I was third of his sons.
In my youth i occupied myself with medicine, after that i sailed
for some years as a ship suregon.
Once i sailed on 'Antelope' to South Ocean.
It was stormy weather, big waves washed over deck
and deafening wind blew in the sails.
Then I noticed a ship with black sails.
Those were the pirates.
Their fast brig ramed into 'Antelope', the impact was so heavy
that i went overdoard and fell on the deck of pirates' ship.
Horrible crash was heard and poor 'Antelope'
went down with all its crew.
"By thousand devils!" pirates shouted "All sorts
of old boats are slouching around!"
Meanwile the storm...
Everybody in their places!
Get out, lazybones! To work!
Oh, you, mariners!
Who are you?
I am doctor Petya Gulliver.
Don't hamper working!
I will teach you a lesson, lazybones!
Hey, old jackal, don't dare to touch [that] kid!
I will teach you...
Sit down! ???
Doctor Gulliver, i'm Vanya. Let's shake hands!
Hands up, bandits! Or you will have a bomb for breakfast.
Thrown down [your] weapons!
Save my suitcase, my homeworks in native language are in it!
Doctor, doctor, help...
Where do you...wait!
To his highness, chief of the police.
Waves have washed ashore living mountain shaped like a man.
Monster is seized and is being guarded.
Rummage is being conducted. Waiting for your orders.
Agents Ear and Nose.
Hallo! Hallo! Discovery previously unheard of!
Living mountain is discovered!
Quiet, quiet!
Car of the police chief.
We rummaged him. Here are the items [found].
It seems he wants to drink.
Extra issue of 'Lilliput courier'!
Living mountain has been found! It breathes! It wants to drink!
Balderdash. 'Courier' is lying.
That is the new Gulliver.
Disperse the crowd.
Very good.
Items - to parliament.
Narcotize... - Drink... - Gulliver!
Let's see...
Wait, don't intrude.
Astonishing! Just have a look at this!
Professor, how do you think what it is?
Look, here, at the end?
Professor, we're waiting.
His Highness is thinking.
Hello, eagles.
Young ??? [i didn't find such word in vocabulary]
What's that?
Gulliver is moving. What to do?
Gulliver is huge labour-force.
But what if he ???
Then i'll take the necessary measures.
Gentlemen, i ask your attention!
Protocol # 1234567890
Extraordinary meeting of Parliament of Lilliputia
Subject: abot free movement of "new Gulliver" in Lilliputia
??? (military counsellors)
To kill immediately
[partly intelligible discussion in background]
(foodstuffs councellors)| To keep a watchful eye on him,
but to feed him (food provided by holding company "
Новый Гулливер

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