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PereiraI will tell you such things...
How should I start?
Oh yeah, right. That's the city
where I live.
Although, in reality,
I don't live here,
I live here.
Here I have tons of programs,
here I go for a walk...
here I talk with people,
here I check the weather,
the program's name is
"too lazy to get up
and look in the window".
These are secret buttons
I won't tell you about...
In short: This is my computer.
Case, CDs, the wall painted
by some friends...
Lots of stuff, plants, and
that is me. Gena Ryzhov.
with rare 1976 headphones.
This is my internet connection button,
So, everything started when I...
Oh, that's my friend Veniamin,
also known as VeNick ("Broom").
In real life he looks like this,
but he sees himself as such.
VeNick is a gamer,
a computergame maniac.
And this is his girlfriend.
Though, it's all more
complicated than it seems.
In a gamers forum he met a girl.
He writes: "I'll kill you!"
And she goes: "No, I will kill you!"
So they're bumping each other off...
until he realized he had fallen in love.
And decided to meet her.
So he is at the meeting place...
And some kid roller skates to him.
Hello. Guess what my name is!
Girl, I don't care a hang about your name.
So you played computer games
with her for 6 months
and you claimed all the time
to have a girlfriend.
And now it turns out she's
12 years old.
How do you want it with her... now...
I'll wait until she's 18.
And during this time
nobody will fuck my brains.
Yes, right. So she doesn't disturb
you while you're gaming.
Actually they say... women
blossoming at 30...
Oh yes. I forgot about Alice. Here she is.
Her pseudonym is of course "Selezneva"
that is how she sees herself
and she's fond of chats.
Hi.. XXX.. Hi.. XXX... CU... CU...
So it is. Seem like adults, but no brains at all.
Nowadays it's difficult to grow up anyway.
How can one grow up here?
Oh, this is Bill Gates.
And this is his Microsoft Corporation.
You switch on your computer, ok?
The Windows operating system boots up.
Whether you want it or not, but without Windows
you don't get far nowadays.
Windows annoys me so much that even
if I don't sit in front of computer,
I see errors everywhere.
"Do you really want to pee?
Whatever, away with Windows.
That's got nothing to do with it.
Everything started with hacking
because hacking is just cool.
For hacking one should get Nobel prizes.
The laws aren't perfect and for those
things you do time.
Well, anyways. Everything
when I hacked Microsoft server.
Maggots... Lamers.
"Have you hacked Microsoft
"Move file "Gena" folder to
"Wladimirski Central Jail" folder? Yes/No"
What a retard you are.
This is Lena, my girlfriend.
Did you sit at your computer again?
Yes. A butt. What about it?
Look WHERE this butt is.
You have a butt on a monitor.
I don't see anything smart or interesting in that, sorry.
Look at the address!
Microsoft. com!
Instead of earning money,
you keep fooling around.
She's never happy, she nags all the time.
Also, everything started with women.
Because I was never able
to connect with them.
"Error. Connection closed. "
"Error. Connection closed. "
"Error. Connection closed. "
Of course my friends tried to help me.
I know. You need a hacker girl.
- You've advised this already.
- Really?
A year ago
I searched, searched, but didn't find anywhere.
Then I went into a hacker forum and
posted the silliest question possible.
Everybody started laughing...
because the most important thing
for a hacker is his anonymity.
But here comes an answer, like
"Yeah, so I am a girl. Does that change anything?"
And I go: 'Course it does. Send a photo.
She laughs and asks: You aren't
by chance from FBI, are you?
By the way, if she thinks
from FBI, she has to be American.
Forget her, man. Maybe she's old. Or fat.
If she's American, she is definitely fat.
So, that didn't result in anything.

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