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onRussian State
TV Company
An Avatar Film Production
Sergey Bezrukov
Dmity Dyuzhev
Pavel Maykov
Vladimir Vdovichenkov
Yekaterina Guseva
Andrey Panin
in the film
by Alexey Sidorov
The Brigade
Alexandr Veledinsky
Igor Porublev
Director of Photography
Yuy Raysky
Production Designer
Valey Filippov
Music by Alexey Shelygin
RTV Producer
Valey Todorovsky
Produced by
Alexander Akopov
Anatoly Sivushov
General Producer
Alexander Inshakov
Episode 1
The Winter of 1997.
Thank you...
Good bye... all the best toyou.
Let's go, Volodya.
- All the best toyou.
- Good luck.
Good luck.
- Vitya, are you coming?
- yeah, Ok.
Well, brother.
Sash, what if you give it a second thought?
Pchelkin, all of us are pretty smart guys,
so don't push it.
Ok, you are my brother anyway.
- Let's takeyou totheAirporrt.
- Guys will give me a ride.
Always count on your mind, Bee.
Take Vitya to the Airporrt,
help him and give me a call.
Let's go.
Sash, what a crook is Bee.
He lets down our guys, works with blackies.
That bastard doesn't feel guilty.
He's not Bee, he's a bug.
Cosmos, we shouldn't be speaking
about our friend thatway,
but on a wide scaleyou are right.
Nobody knows what will in the end, Sasha.
- You, fucken, remember my word.
- Go, ahead, great.
Bee is our brother. Did you forget,
because if you did, I always can remind you.
Let's go.
What's wrong with my watch?
It's "Rado. " I told you should buy
the "Ray" or the "Flight. "
Is something wrong?
See, I can't get what's wrong with it.
- Phil, pull up get out of the car!
- Cos, jump!
The summer of 1989.
- Good evening.
- Good evening, comrades.
Today Michael Gorbachev
starrted his businesstrip...
Stop, refuel!
- Whom do you serve, Solomon?
- I serve to Soviets!
Look, buddy! Fara! Fara!
Why are you yelling like a horse?
Can't you see I'm busy?
- So, what?
- Private Dshyraev had served his time.
Well, let's gather sometime!
Good luck, guys!
I'm upset that we have to part,
I have this nagging feeling.
If the souls of people are alive,
parting equals to the denial of the separation.
Again, Farik.
I'm gonna come and visit you in Moscow.
Pay attention to the camera.
You better hold it evenly.
Will you remember me?
Yes, sir! Hold it.
Is it Ok?
It's pretty dreary, anyway.
Lena, I'm coming!
I spent almost two yeahrs in Afghanistan,
and in Spring we came back home!
I saw Mom and my house!
I saw my girlfriend that was vey happy!
She was laughing, but...
...the war was going on over there.
he passing by a deserted canyon
is subjected to shooting again;
three soldiers are left to lie
forever on those rocks.
The same stuff might have happened
to any of us the next day.
She's laughing and the war is going on
over there, the war is going on...
- These fighters are lucky, they are home.
Safe and sound!
- Hurray! Hurray!
- The boarder lies here
in the middle of the bridge.
Mom! You haven't changed the lock!
How could you do that, ha?
Oh! Sasha! Sashechka!
He's home, he's alive! Sashechka!
- My baby!
- That's Ok, mom.
Mom, I'm dirty let me go and clean up.
Ok, mom.
- How come you didn't call
- Come on, it's ok.
- I would prepare something to eat!
- Mom, come on. You are acting immature.
- That's ok.
- Oh! Oh! Oh, dear Lord!
It's all, done! Done! That's it!
Cosmos, where did you get this car from?
Guys, it is Lincoln.
- What's there, what's there? Wait. Who?
- What's wrong?
Relax; this kind of car has only
Michael Jackson and me.
- Michael Jackson is a black guy.
- So what. What's wrong with that?
- Pchelkin, are you a racist or what?
- Who? Me? I'm not just a racist, I'm the racist!
Got it, you stinky, dirty negro?
Share up! Share up!
- Did you draw the fire on your own?
- Andy Wahl.
- What's that?
- What, what?
He's the best American artist.
You are a hill-billy.
I see.
Cos, even though you drive Lincoln now,
you call names you pay the price!
Sasha Belov


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