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--issued a series of clarifications of
several of the president's statements...
...at his nationally televised
news conference last night.
In addition to responding
to an abortion question...
... with a three-minute answer
about taxes...
...and confusing his attorney general
with his chief of staff...
... the president forgot
Hawaii is a state...
...referring to it as "one of our strongest
allies in the Pacific."
A spokesman explained
that the president...
...had been thrown off by the intensity
of the previous question.
And finally, FBI agents have arrested
Air Force Sgt. Michael Prescott...
...in connection with a plot to sell
weapon secrets to a foreign government.
Prescott was arrested last night
in a Staten Island supermarket.
In weather, the city remains
in the grip of a cold spell.
Central Park temperature
dropped to 36 degrees overnight.
The current midtown temperature
at 6:59 is a brisk 39 degrees.
Next news and weather again at 8:00.
Now back to the hits on New York's
"more music" station.
How about some heat?
I'm not an Eskimo.
Hey, Mr. Finzi, how you doing, man?
Looking good! Looking good.
-Gotcha. All right.
MAN: Miss Terry, good morning.
-Good morning.
-How you doing? I want a tulip.
Good morning.
Morning, Terry.
Larry, Larry, Larry! You get any closer,
honey, you're gonna be a father.
You dog.
Dog's job.
Welcome to the boredom capital
of the world.
-Morning, Mr. Page.
-Morning, Fred.
Good morning, Mr. Page.
Looking good. Nice suit.
I don't get it.
Forty goddamn people in the office,
the man's gotta pick on me.
Can't even say good morning.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-So did you sleep well last night?
-Yeah, aside from freezing my ass off.
-I didn't.
-Really? Again?
-Okay, give.
-A very nice man.
His name was Richard.... Something
Italian. Anyway, he used to be a doctor.
Still would be
if he had smarter lawyers.
Monday, it was Nick-something-Greek.
I liked him very much, but you
have to set high goals for yourself.
-Let's face it, he was no ex-doctor.
-Ex-doctors do not grow on trees.
-Hi, Karen.
-Oh, thanks for fixing my monitor.
You can make fun of me all you like,
but at least I am out there...
...I'm making an effort. You won't
meet anybody by sitting home....
-Morning ladies.
Hey, ready to saddle up,
ride the wild software?
Hey, Cynthia. You know that guy
you were with at Cole's last night?
-I saw him on 60 Minutes doing this:
"No pictures, no comments. "
Doug, that's so amusing.
-Why do you do this to her?
-He knows it drives me up the wall.
I do it because you fall for it.
He's shopping at Walgreens.
He's got his Brut collection.
-At least I'm always ready for the ladies.
-Hey, man, try some soap.
I did. It got lonely.
Sick. You're sick. Okay.
Confirm transfer to First National.
Look at this. He says,
"Bonjour. What's the skinny?"
Am I teaching him,
or am I teaching him?
-"What's the skinny?"
-What's the skinny?
-What's the skinny? What's the buzz?
-Oh, yeah, I knew what it was.
TERRY: How did everything work out
with Paulette?
"Made love all weekend"?
God, I gotta meet this guy.
You shouldn't chitchat.
You're gonna get in trouble.
False alarm.
TERRY: I knew it. This is code for,
"Terry, come adjust my chair. "
Now, you're gonna have this baby.
It's gonna have a head like the monitor.
It's gonna say "Sperry"
across the top of it, and you know--
There she is, Miss Russian


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