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Украинская рапсодия

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Ukranian Rhapsody
Sergei Parajanov
The workers of the kolkhoz
and the soldiers of the Soviet army
have contributed to this film
My friends
my comrades
I want you to listen
This story
is not only mine
I have just returned home
with a wonderful victory
Me, a simple girl from a small village
on the banks of the Dniepr
I won first prize,
the gold medal
in an international singing competition
I won it
in a distant town
in Western Europe
where I arrived a week ago.
Italians, English, French
at the Capitol.
Soviet singers
at the Theatre du Capitol
A city, strange to me
A life unknown and distant
Strange people
How will they receive me?
Can I find a way
to their hearts?
Today I'm
indifferent to them
But tomorrow?
Italians, English, French
at the Capitol
Soviet singers
at the Theatre du Capitol!
Soviet singers
at the Theatre du Capitol!
Did you say something?
The flowers have a unique scent.
Mademoiselle is Italian?
Remember the rules
of the competition
In the first round, you are
separated from the jury by a curtain.
The jury will only know your numbers.
You will sing in the
language of the composer
If the president of the jury
says "merci"
you will stop singing and
leave the stage
Please ladies, would you
rejoin the queue
Who will win the first prize?
Don't worry my dear,
you'll go through
Don't be nervous
Please, take one
Please, take one
Number 33, on stage.
What are you singing?
The first on the programme.
Second round
The next.
Number 36, on stage.
Which score?
The third
Is she Italian?
It doesn't really matter
It's remarkable
Jean, you are wrong
There's still some hope for humanity
We'll agree to differ
What a paradox!
Europe is like a cemetery,
the world is in ruins. Suddenly,
Lucia's aria.
Don't you like it?
Not one bit
In  music, I only like
military marches.
- What did you say?
- What?
Haven't you learnt anything?
When people sing
it's peaceful
I like it,
I really like it
I asked if I could sing an encore.
An unforgettable song
of my childhood
This song
has lived in my heart
for as long as I can remember.
It's alright, let her listen
Years went by
and in my heart
a new song is born
You sing wonderully
That bird sings even better
When you sing
everything stops to listen
You know,
It seems to me that
the plants come alive
they are happy and dreamy
and even tuneful
You've seen how when the rye
and the wheat have ripened
they sing like an enormous choir
And with the buckwheat, too
the whole field resounds
like an orchestra
Close your eyes
and listen
How delighted he would have been, today
How he would have smiled, my Anton,
to hear of my success.
It's also his victory.
Perhaps more his than mine
But he's no more.
Behind the window of a railway truck in Germany
which has swallowed up my Anton
for ever
I've waited three years
for this day
It's as if I've
come back from the dead
Oksana won't recognise me
Everything returns to life
You're going back.
God willing, my Geinrikht also
I believe
War leaves indelible marks
We'll go this way,
it's shorter
A birch tree is growing
on the altar
The earth is thirsty for peace
Goodbye, Rudy
I hope we'll see
one another again
Good luck
This is for you, as a souvenir
Thank you
- Wind it up each morning
- Thanks
Goodbye Germany!
You have burnt me
in a cruel fire
And you yourself,
have been burnt by the same flame
But you haven't destroyed my spirit
She fills my dreams once more.
Alive, with such unforgettable memories
You hear her voice?
You're going to marry,
You'll cultivate your garden.
You'll love your wife
You'll have children
And her?
Did you think of her Anton?
Her voice will take her to the Conservatoire.
I promise you,
the Conservatoire.
And then the concert hall.
She must leave here
With you?
The concert now continues
Here is a work by
Украинская рапсодия

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