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Американский мечтатель

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Dimitri, I think you owe
the rather large man...
sitting on top of you an apology.
- I'm sorry.
- I'd like you all to meet the killer.
- Count Reneleau.
- Damn you, Rebecca Ryan.
Rebecca, you are incredible.
Dimitri, you know I always get my man.
Dimitri, you know
I always get my woman.
That won't work.
You know I always get my person.
That stinks.
Come on, Rebecca, be brilliant.
I want to go to Paris.
"'Dimitri,' said Rebecca...
"'you know I always get my man.
Even when he's a woman."'
I like it.
- I finished the contest.
- Contest?
The Rebecca Ryan contest.
You want to read it?
I'd love to, but I haven't
got time right now. I'll read it later.
It's got a surprise ending.
The important thing, kid, is that
you're doing something you like to do.
I'll be home late.
Have a nice...
Why do you want to go to Paris, Mum?
I've dreamed about going
ever since I was a little girl.
It's the most beautiful,
romantic city in the world.
Boring. Did you really write
a whole book in here?
Cut it out, guys. Careful.
No, it's not a whole book.
See, it's just a few pages.
It's a contest and you have to write
in the style of the Rebecca Ryan novels.
And then, if you write the best,
you win a free trip for two to Paris.
- I'd rather go to Africa.
- Why Africa?
Because he's seen the naked women
in National Geographic.
He loves boobs, Mum.
You've raised a pervert.
I've seen you
looking at the boobs, too, Kevin.
I know, Mum. I'm a pervert, too.
- Let's take a trip to France.
- Let's.
Listen to this recording
and repeat what you hear.
- Ready to travel with us to Paris?
- Yes.
- Oui.
- Oui.
- No. Non.
- Non.
- Please. S'il vous plaоt.
- S'il vous plaоt.
- Thank you. Merci.
- Merci.
Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fьnf.
Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fьnf.
- Very good. Sehr gut.
- Danke schцn.
Nietzsche says, "What doesn't
destroy me, makes me stronger."
Nietzsche sagt, "Was nicht umbringt,
macht mich stдrker."
You've got to be kidding.
"'Dimitri,' said Rebecca,
'you know I always get my man.
"'Even when he's a woman."'
What do you think?
"The important thing, kid, is...
"you're doing something you like to do."
I was kidding. It was really good, Mum.
- Do you really think so?
- Yeah.
- Do you think it might win?
- Sure. Maybe.
- Who's Dimitri?
- Dimitri is Rebecca's best friend.
- Are they married?
- No.
- Why not?
- Rebecca is very busy.
She's beautiful, she's talented.
She speaks five languages.
Can she do kung fu?
She is an aikido master.
She can do all that stuff.
If she's all that great,
how come Dimitri didn't marry her?
For one thing, every man she meets
falls immediately in love with her...
and Dimitri has other interests.
- You mean he's a homo?
- Karl, I think it's time for bed.
Don't leave me in the dark with Kevin.
He's a homo, too.
Karl, who taught you to talk that way?
Ignore him, Mum.
He just wants attention.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight, Mum.
Night, Mum.
Sleep tight.
"Prince Rupert slowly unbuttoned...
"Rebecca's silk blouse..."
Hi, honey.
Hello, sweetheart.
How was your day? Anything exciting?
As a matter of fact...
we've just about closed the Simon fund.
Honey, that's wonderful.
"...his strong hands demanding
what she knew she..."
"'I want you, Rebecca... '"
"'more than I've ever wanted... '"
- You don't want to?
- Lf you want to.
- Only if you do.
- Sure, I want to.
- You don't sound very sure.
- Sure I'm sure.
It's just that these accounts
have to be logged...
sometime before tomorrow morning.
I guess I could get up early
and do them in the morning.
No, it's okay.
- You sure?
- No, it's fine, really.
- You're not just saying that?
- No. Honest.
- I think we should make love.
- You do?
- I do if you do.
- I do.
- Would you rather be on top?
- Would you rather be on the bottom?
- Look, either-or, which would you like?
- Whatever you want.
Don't do this to me.
Американский мечтатель

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