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Отель "У погибшего альпиниста"

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AbramovOn that day I was driving
on call to a mountain hotel.
The hotel's name was "Dead Mountaineer's Hotel",
and the road there was quite difficult.
Many years have passed since that time,
hovewer quite often, during
the dull duties or sleepless nights,
I recall what happened,
and even now I cannot decide,
whether was I right at that time or not.
Screenplay by Arkady STRUGATSKY
Directed by Grigori KROMANOV
Director of Photography Jyri SILLART
Production Designer Tonu VIRVE
Music by Sven GRYNBERG
The strange thing is that I can tell noone,
about how it actually happened,
neither to my wife, nor to friends,
nor to authorities.
The only person who knows
whole truth is myself.
This is the mountaineer.
He was hit by the avalanche.
He flew 500 meter toward his death.
- How do you do! - Welcome!
Let me introduce myself - Alex Snewahr,
the owner of this hotel, this valley,
nearby mountains and gorges.
And this is Lel, the loyal friend of deceased.
I am a police inspector Peter Glebsky.
- What happened here?
- Sorry?
- You called the police.
- Me?
Hallo, captain, this is Glebsky.
I am glad to report that nothing happened here...
Yes, false alarm. What?
No, I can't come back today.
There is a fog in the mountains.
What? Ah, wine?
Well, OK.
- As I understand, someone of my guests...
My sincere apologies.
It's OK. I''l be delighted
to spend here this evening and night
and I'm going to try
your famous "Edelweiss".
My wine-cellars are
at your service!
Lel! Room seven!
- It was nice to fly, wasn't it?
- Yes.
Thanks, Lel, you can go now.
Well, what beauties you have here!
Just as in Hollywood.
How do you do!
Yeah! It's beautiful here!
I am Peter Glebsky,
inspector of the police.
- Hinckus.
- Nice to meet you.
I just arrived.
Have you been here for a long time?
I have tuberculosis.
I need fresh air,
all doctors say it to me.
I'm sorry.
Is this a call for the dinner?
We have to go. What about you?
I will go later.
Oho, what are you doing up there?
May I help?
Let me introdusce myself,
Simon Simone, Lieutenant from cybernetics.
It is funny, isn't it?
Stand easy. Police inspector Peter Glebsky.
In fact, I am a physicist.
Four years without vacation.
Project "Midas". Have you heard?
Top secret.
I came here for mountain climbing,
but here is to much snow, can't get anywhere.
So I am climbing the walls.
Doctors prescribed me the course
of sensual pleasures.
Imagine, Aleksandr is coming to this place.
Gentlemen, let me introduce
to you inspector Glebsky.
This is my distant relative Brun.
- Next to her is Olaf Andvarafors.
- How do you do.
Mrs. Mozes, please.
I adore police!
These heroes, these dare-devils...
Are you a dare-devil, inspector?
Alas, Madame, I am a common police officer.
I do not believe. Man with such look
cannot be anything else but dare-devil!
Oh, really?
How do you do, gentlemen.
Mr. Mozes, let me introduce
our guest, inspector Glebsky.
My pleasure.
Mr. Mozes. We talked about aliens.
I have to say that I completely
share Mr. Deniken's opinion,
that aliens repeatedly attended our planet.
Your Deniken is a charlatan.
You are a physicist, Simone,
meaning you are a rationalist.
However this question relates
to the realm of poetry.
Mr. inspector, but what do you think about this?
I am even stronger rationalist,
I am a policeman.
Everything that surrounded me there,
in that comfortable hotel,
nice owner, somewhat strange guests
and amazingly beautiful mountains,
everything promised a pleasant evening.
Mentally I thanked the captain
who sent me here.
Mr. inspector, you are a real man.
Please beat this Olaf.
Ah, Olaf, now the police
will make stake out of you.
- Steak is a food.
- Then he will make food from you!
- Why?
- To eat!
But we just had a dinner.
It's impossible to talk to you!
Why? In my opinion,
we have a very good
Отель "У погибшего альпиниста"

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