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Sergeant Ramsay, line 2232.
Sergeant Ramsay, line 2232, please.
- They want me.
- I've got this.
Ramsay. What's the model?
7799 agricultural?
- Ramsay?
- What location?
- This is Marvin. Officer Thompson.
- Nice to meet you.
That's Ramsay, your partner.
Your new partner.
Good luck with him.
- Hi. Jack Ramsay.
- Karen Thompson.
- I'm on my way.
- A runaway, Jack?
- Yeah. Can you order us a copter?
- Yeah.
- Come on, partner.
- Now?
If you're gonna keep up,
you gotta move.
Give me the pad.
I need a chopper for Ramsay.
You'll need your gloves
and standard Pro-Gs.
Standard Pro-Gs?
- What was your last assignment?
- Traffic.
Did you like it?
Working with you is
a step up from traffic.
You know anything about
robotics and computers?
A little.
I was gonna be a data programmer.
Do we need all this to?
- Jack, your copter's on the pad.
- Great.
Let's go, partner.
Is that it?
Standard agricultural model
7799 pest controller.
CPU is an old 8088.
- Any armament?
- Just a claw.
It's only programmed to look
for things smaller than an inch.
Could be a problem.
You may not need all that.
You may just have to throw a switch.
That's all?
Well, you never know
until you get there.
I guess you've been doing this
for a while?
Yeah, a couple of years.
It's interesting work.
Dave, how far away are we?
Should be almost there.
Let's have a look.
Right up there, Jack.
What do you know?
It's a clear runaway track
in the field to the left.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I just don't like heights.
My brother has the same problem.
Take deep breaths.
I'm fine.
Dave, can you land this sucker?
Put on your gloves.
They sure took long enough
to get here.
- What's the problem?
- That thing's running a zigzag course.
I'm not going in that field after it.
Fuel cells will blow up
in your face.
You go on and take a look.
- Have you had it serviced?
- Regular.
Isn't that what you're getting
paid for? You skedaddle in there.
Oh, there you are.
I seen that coming.
You okay? Let's get him.
World War III!
I think they got it.
I could've done the same thing
with my.22.
We could've blown the damn thing up.
- It's all yours, fellas.
- Thanks a lot.
How long you say
you've been doing this?
I just sort of fell into it
by accident.
I kind of liked it, so I took
some night courses in robotics, APL.
All of a sudden, I just seemed to
know more about it than anybody else.
You ever wanna work
the regular force?
This is the regular force.
You mean working the streets?
I did that. I had to stop.
Because of vertigo?
I don't like heights.
I've had it all my life.
Anyway, I just decided
it wasn't a good idea...
...to work the streets
with that kind of fear.
You wouldn't run into
a situation like that very often.
- You could work the streets...
- I decided I'd rather do this.
Hey, Jack, Lois called.
- Leave a message?
- Nope.
- Can you call her back?
- Sure.
I'm fine, thank you. How are you?
Whatever you wanna fix is fine.
Oh, that sounds good.
I won't be late.
Okay, bye.
- Why did Jack quit the regular force?
- Why'd he quit, Marvin?
What'd he tell you?
Because of vertigo,
but I don't believe him.
Well, it's true, in a way.
A few years back,
Jack was chasing this guy. Bad guy.
The guy ran into a building
that was under construction.
Jack freaked out, started sweating.
Couldn't follow him.
The guy got away.
So a guy got away.
Later that night
that same guy killed six people.
A family up in Ridgemont.
- But that isn't Jack's fault.
- Yeah, I know.
He can't blame himself for that.
Yeah, well, he does.
It's always on his mind.
The guy that got away...
...that Jack let get away.
He never wants to let anybody
get away from him again.
Is that why he's a robot expert?
I think he feels a lot safer
doing this work.
Now, why do you do
what you do?
Oh, long story.
I was gonna be a dancer...
...but I hurt my knee.
Then I

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