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- The carver...
- Oh, no !
That's what they're calling him.
- Isn't that clever ?
- My looks were his bait.
Repair another one of my masterpieces again, and the next time, I'll kill you.
We found this next to the carved face of a teenage girl.
It's a dare.
Her parents asked for me specifically.
Her parents don't know that he's threatened to kill you if you correct his work.
Make sure you lock this door.
Beauty is a curse on the world.
Excuse me, sir.
No, it's ok.
- It's ok.
- Come on.
Are you ready for this, doctor ?
All right. Come on.
Give us a minute, people.
Back up.
That's him. That's... that's Christian.
was complicated.
But to me, he was family.
He was so beautiful and not just on the outside.
I wish he could have known that.
He's the only straight man I ever met
who was arrogant enough to think that he could convert me.
Sometimes, I hated the guy.
But most of the time, I loved him.
I loved him.
I loved him.
My first memory was asking my mother for a brother.
I finally got one when I was 18.
His name was Christian Troy, and I loved him.
Christian was flawed, but he lived.
I just want to go to work and see his blinding smile
and tell him
how hard it's gonna be for me to see a future without him.
I just...
I want to talk to my brother.
I want...
And that's when I wake up.
How many times have you had this dream ?
Every couple of nights since the attack.
What do you think it's about ?
Don't you get it ?
I'm stuck.
Even in my dreams, at my own goddamn funeral, I can't move on.
I'm in limbo.
Some swank limbo, Christian.
$20,000 a month beach house rental.
Kimber coming by with a hot meal every night.
I won't go back there.
It took me a month before I could shower in my bathroom.
You know how I got over it ?
I went back to work.
I started living my life again.
I can't just wash away what happened to me in the scrub room, Sean.
I'm not like you.
I feel things.
He's out there,
and he's gonna keep terrorizing people until they catch him.
He owns us now.
Remember my eulogy in your nightmare ?
If you believe in jungian analysis, we're every character in dreams.
My voice in your dream is a part of you
trying to help yourself through this.
I wanted to talk to you at that gravesite, which means
you need to talk to me.
I'm your brother, remember ?
He raped me.
You're a very clever boy.
Hey, is it too much about me ?
We can change that.
Um, what's up ?
I don't know. Maybe
revisiting this relationship wasn't such a good idea.
Why not ?
I don't want anything from you.
We're just having fun.
That's not the point, Julia.
We've been crazy about each other for 2 years now.
It's time to step things up.
We're past the getting to know you phase.
Slow down. You know I've been married for 17 years.
You're still married, Julia !
And it's time to make a decision.
Shit or get off the pot.
You know, I preferred you with your fake british accent.
At least you sounded more polite.
Dr. Troy, this is Detective Kit McGraw of Miami Dade Vice.
By now, you're familiar with my voice because this is the fourth message I've left.
You have my number.
Call me back, or face a subpoena.
15 blade.
Christ, it's everywhere.
How could she let this go so long ?
On her patient form, she said she noticed the silicone
leaking out of her milk ducts 3 years ago.
I guess she felt that ignoring the problem was the only way to deal with it.
One down. One to go.
Oh, Sean, this took too long.
She's been under for 5 hours already.
I can remove the left implant tomorrow morning.
Mrs. Meyer's Featherlift is at 8:00.
We have already rescheduled her twice.
Christian can take care of Mrs. Meyers.
If he shows up.
- This was a 2-surgeon job, Sean.
-  He'll be here !
I guess sometimes ignoring the problem feels like the only way to deal with it.
I insisted on this music.
I was thinking about you when I directed it.
The reviews have been awesome.

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