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All-Russian State Institute
of Cinematography
Based on the short story
by Ernest Hemingway
Screenplay by
Alexander GORDON
Directed by Marika BEIKU
Alexander GORDON
The production course
by Mikhail ROMM.
The photography course
by Alexander GALPERIN
Yuly FAIT as Nick Adams
Alexander GORDON as George
Valentin VINOGRADOV as Al
Vadim NOVIKOV as Max
Yury DUBROVIN as 1st visitor
Andrei TARKOVSKY as 2nd visitor
Vasily SHUKSHIN as Ole Andreson
Whats yours?
I dont know.
- What do you want
to eat, Al? - I dont know.
Ill have a roast pork
tenderloin with apple sauce
and mashed potatoes.
- It isnt ready yet.
What the hell do you
put it on the card for?
Thats the dinner. You can
get that at six oclock.
Its five oclock.
The clock says twenty
minutes past five.
Its twenty minutes fast.
Oh, to hell with the clock.
What have you got to eat?
I can give you any kind
of sandwiches.
You can have ham and eggs,
bacon and eggs, liver...
Give me chicken croquettes
with green peas
and cream sauce
and mashed potatoes.
Thats the dinner.
Everything we wants the dinner, eh?
Thats the way you work it.
I can give you ham and eggs,
bacon and eggs, steak...
Ill take ham and eggs.
Give me bacon and eggs.
Sam, ham and eggs,
bacon and eggs.
Got anything to drink?
Silver beer, bevo, ginger-ale...
I mean you got anything to drink?
Just those I said.
This is a hot town, indeed!
What do they call it?
- Summit.
- Ever hear of it, Max?
- No.
What do you do here nights?
They eat the dinner.
They all come here
and eat the big dinner.
Thats right.
So you think thats right?
Youre a pretty bright boy,
arent you?
- Sure.
- Well, youre not.
-  Is he, Al?
- Hes dumb.
Whats your name?
Another bright boy.
Aint he a bright boy, Max?
The towns full of bright boys.
- Which is yours?
- Dont you remember?
Ham and eggs.
Just a bright boy.
What are you looking at?
Maybe the boy meant it
for a joke, Max.
You dont have to laugh.
You dont have to laugh
at all, see?
All right.
So he thinks its all right.
Thats a good one.
- Oh, hes a thinker.
Whats the bright boys
name down the counter?
Hey, bright boy.
You go around on the other side
of the counter with your boy friend.
- Whats the idea?
- You better go around.
- Whats the idea?
- None of your business.
Whos out in the kitchen?
- The nigger that cooks.
- Tell him to come in.
- Whats the idea?
Tell him to come in!
Where do you think you are?
We know well where we are.
Listen, tell the nigger
to come out here now.
What are you going
to do to him?
Use your head. What would
we do to a nigger?
Sam, come in here a minute.
What was it?
All right, nigger.
You stand right there.
Yes, sir.
Im going back to the kitchen...
with the nigger and bright boy.
Go on back to the kitchen, nigger.
Yes, sir.
You go with him, bright boy.
Well, bright boy, why dont
you say something?
Whats it all about?
Hey, Al, bright boy wants
to know whats all about.
Why dont you tell him?
What do you think its all about?
- I dont know.
- What do you think?
I wouldnt say.
Hey, Al, bright boy says he wouldnt
what he thinks its all about.
I can hear you, all right.
Listen, bright boy.
Stand a little further along the bar.
You move a little to the left, Max.
Talk to me, bright boy.
What do you thinks
going to happen?
Ill tell you.
Were going to kill a Swede.
Do you know a big Swede
named Ole Andreson?
He comes here to eat
every night, dont he?
- Sometimes he comes here.
- He comes here at six oclock, dont he?
If he comes.
We know all that.
Talk about something else.
Ever go to the movies?
Once in a while.
You ought to go
to the movies more.
The movies are fine
for a bright boy like you.
What are you going
to kill Ole Andreson for?

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