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MontrealSoyuzmultfilm presents
- Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!
- What's up?
- Woof?
- What do you want?
- Me? Nothing.
- Then why are you calling me?
- I'm not calling you.
I'm just barking. Woof!
- That's my name!
Woof Kitten.
"Kitten Who Was Called Woof"
Screenplay: G.Oster
Director: L.Atamanov
Art director: L.Shvartsman
Director of photography: M.Druyan
Composer: M.Meyerovich
Sound: V.Kutuzov
Script editor: A.Snesarev
Editor: M.Mikheyeva
L.Nikitina, A.Goreva, I.Peterson
R.Mirenkova, M.Voskanyants, Yu.Butyrin,
G.Zebrova, M.Rogova, A.Davydov
Backgrounds: I.Svetlitsa
T.Reshetnikova, M.Vinogradova,
V.Livanov, A.Baranov
Film group director: F.Ivanov
"Nothing but Trouble"
- So. That's you who is called...
... "Woof?"
- Me.
- That is very... very-very bad!
- It is not appropriate for a kitten...
... to have such a name.
- Then what kind of name is appropriate
for a kitten?
- The most appropriate name
for a kitten is...
- But I like "Woof" much better!
- I wouldn't recommend to a kitten...
...with such a name...
...to go down into the yard.
Nothing but trouble...
...is waiting for a kitten...
...with such a name...
...in the yard!
- What does it look like,
this "trouble?"
- You'll find out.
- And it's waiting for me?
This trouble?
I'm going!
Trouble here, trouble there,
lots of trouble everywhere!
Bothers and unknowables,
just out the door.
For a kitten with my name,
there's trouble downstairs.
Can someone tell me
what it wants me for?
Five, four, three... one!
Eenie, meenie, minie, moe,
catch a tiger by the toe!
Ready? Here I come!
- Well, where is it, this trouble?
There's nobody here.
Do you want to play with me?
Why aren't you answering?
How about I chase you, and you run away.
- Now I'll run away, and you chase!
- You can't get me, neener-neener-neener!
- Who are you talking to?
- Him.
- That's your own shadow.
It can't talk.
- I know it can't. But it understands
everything I say.
As to trouble, I couldn't find it.
- Hey you! Kid!
Come here.
- Hello!
- What's your name?
- Woof.
- Whaat?
- Woof!
- Woof?
- Woof, Woof!
- Woof-woof?
You dare mock me?
- Well, my friend?
Are you convinced that there is nothing
but trouble waiting for you in the yard?
- No, not convinced.
I looked and looked...
Even almost found it!
But that dog chased me away...
"Where is Best to Be Scared"
- Woof!
Where are you?
- I'm... over... here!
- What are you doing?
- I'm... being scared.
- Hey, you want to be scared together?
- You know what,
let's go be scared downstairs.
- No, here you can't even hear
the thunderstorm.
It's no fun being scared down here.
I think I'll go back and be scared
in the attic again.
"The Middle of a Hot-dog"
- What... What is that?
- A hot-dog!
Are you going to have lunch, too?
- No, I can't go have lunch yet.
Because I didn't yet have breakfast.
- Hey, if you'd like, we can eat this
hot-dog together!
- I'd like that!
Only... how are we going to split it?
- That's easy.
Here is where the hot-dog begins.
Here is where it ends.
And over here...
...is the middle.
I'll eat the hot-dog from the beginning.
And you from the end.
- No, better I start from the beginning,
and you from the end.
- See you in the middle!
- Hmm...
We met kind of quickly, huh?
Are you sure this is where the middle
of the hot-dog was supposed to be?
- Who cares now.
At any rate, there are no other parts
of the hot-dog left.
- Woof!
- Woof! Woof!
- Woof-woof!
- That's not for me.
Now they are just barking.
The End
Subtitles by Mr. Icon, (cc) by-sa
- Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!
- What's up?
- Woof?
- What do you want?
- Who, me?
- Then why do you keep calling me?
- I'm not calling you.
I'm just barking. Woof.
- But that's my name!
Woof the Kitten.
"Kitten who was called Woof"
"Second Story"


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