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Звёздный путь 6: Неоткрытая страна

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{5096}{5181}Stardate 9521.6.
{5187}{5305}Captain's log U.S.S. Excelsior.|Hikaru Sulu commanding.
{5311}{5427}After three years I've concluded my first|assignment as master of this vessel-
{5433}{5546}- cataloguing gaseous planetary|anomalies in Beta Quadrant.
{5575}{5647}We're heading home|under full impulse power.
{5653}{5717}I'm pleased to report that ship and|crew have functioned well.
{5722}{5825}According to this, we've completed|our survey of the entire sector.
{6110}{6172}I have an energy wave at|240 degrees mark six port.
{6248}{6304}My... God!
{6401}{6437}Shields. Shields!
{6688}{6727}She's not answering her helm.
{6733}{6800}Starboard thrusters.|Turn her into the wave.
{6901}{6960}Go to impulse power.
{7121}{7209}- Damage report.|- Checking all systems.
{7372}{7441}- That was no meteor shower.|- Negative, sir.
{7447}{7560}The sub-space shock-wave|originated at bearing 323.75.
{7566}{7663}Location... It's Praxis, sir.|It's a Klingon moon.
{7669}{7766}Praxis is their|key energy production facility.
{7816}{7926}Send to Klingon High Command. "This|is Excelsior, a Federation Starship."
{7932}{8015}"We have monitored|a large explosion in your sector."
{8021}{8104}- "Do you require assistance?"|- Aye, sir.
{8110}{8222}- Mr Vultane, any more data?|- I've confirmed Praxis' location, but...
{8256}{8341}- I cannot confirm Praxis' existence.|- On screen.
{8382}{8459}- Magnify.|- Computer enhancement.
{8515}{8568}- Praxis?|- What's left of it, sir.
{8574}{8632}Captain, I'm getting a message|from Praxis.
{8638}{8684}Let's have it.
{8987}{9075}This is Brigadier Kerla,|speaking for the High Command.
{9081}{9161}There has been an incident on Praxis.
{9167}{9304}However, everything is under control.|We have no need for assistance.
{9310}{9466}Obey treaty stipulations|and remain outside the Neutral Zone.
{9472}{9576}This transmission ends now.
{9582}{9649}- An incident?|- Do we report this, sir?
{9655}{9692}Are you kidding?
{9872}{9963}- What are we doing here?|- Maybe it's a retirement party.
{9969}{10011}That suits me. I just bought a boat.
{10017}{10115}I'm supposed to be chairing|a seminar at the Academy.
{10121}{10209}- Isn't this just for top brass?|- Where is Sulu?
{10215}{10320}Captain Sulu?|On assignment. Where's Spock?
{10508}{10627}This briefing is classified.|Ladies and gentlemen, the C-in-C.
{10769}{10823}As you were.
{10891}{10955}I'll break|this information down succinctly.
{10960}{11045}The Klingon empire|has 50 years of life left.
{11071}{11206}For full details, I'm turning this briefing|over to Federation Special Envoy.
{11501}{11543}Good morning.
{11549}{11693}Two months ago a Federation Starship|monitored an explosion on Praxis.
{11699}{11811}We believe it was caused by over-mining|and insufficient safety precautions.
{11817}{11906}The moon's decimation means|deadly pollution of their ozone.
{11912}{12032}They will have depleted|their oxygen supply in 50 Earth years.
{12065}{12105}Due to their enormous military budget -
{12111}{12245}- the Klingon economy doesn't have the|resources to combat this catastrophe.
{12251}{12338}Last month, at the behest of|the Vulcan Ambassador, -
{12344}{12483}- I opened a dialogue with Gorkon,|Chancellor of the Klingon High Council.
{12489}{12581}He proposes to|commence negotiations at once.
{12587}{12651}Negotiations for what?
{12657}{12745}The dismantling of our space stations|and bases along the Neutral Zone, -
{12751}{12897}- an end to 70 years of hostility,|which the Klingons can no longer afford.
{12903}{12999}Bill, are we talking about|mothballing the Starfleet?
{13018}{13125}Our exploration and scientific programs|would be unaffected, but...
{13131}{13164}I must protest!
{13170}{13270}To offer Klingons safe haven|within Federation space is suicide.
{13276}{13349}Klingons would become|the alien trash of the galaxy.
{13355}{13391}If we dismantle the fleet, -
{13397}{13507}- we'd be defenceless
Звёздный путь 6: Неоткрытая страна

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