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Зависть богов

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StudiosMOSFILM Studios
ZHANR Film Studio
GOSKINO of Russia
a Vladimir MENSHOV film
- Good evening.
- Good evening, comrades.
Today's meeting at the CPSU
Central Committee...
as a guest star
Written by Marina MAREYEVA
Vladimir MENSHOV
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Music by Victor LEBEDEV
- What else is there?
- The Bolshoi in Mordovia.
Forget the Bolshoi.
Scrap culture.
Now then, Nina.
Executive Producer
Natalya POPOVA
General Producers
Alexander LITVINOV Vladimir MENSHOV
Weather forecast...
Tomorrow, August 22d,
in the Maritime territory...
What? Something wrong?
It'll be warm in the Urals,
above zero Celsius.
Tomorrow's temperatures in Moscow
are 21-23 above zero.
You nuts, Sonya?
It's live!
Big thanks everybody.
Now clean exit.
What's up, Sonya?
Not the text, is it?
Sonya, what happened?
Incredible! It appears
that today is the 21 st.
21st of August, 1983. Moscow.
I want to ask you something.
Fuck them. It's OK 5 minutes,
then they start jamming.
Here's a good one. Our Jew
emigrated to Israel.
He comes to a cafe and asks
for a tea and Pravda issue.
The waiter says: "How many times
shall I tell you: there is no
Soviet government over here."
- "Go on, keep telling me this."
Here's another one. 6 AM.
Two guys in an empty metro car.
One opens a newspaper.
The second guy sitting opposite him
sees a large picture
in a black frame
and what looks like an obituary.
He casts a hopeful glance
at the newspaper guy, who says;
- "Not him." Funny.
- I wonder who makes'em up.
Stop smoking, guys.
Let's go.
- My, whiskey! Shoot.
- You bet.
Let's have a shot while the girls...
Hey, alkies, couldn't you wait
for snacks?
Knock it off.
Here's writing a report
for the general secretary
to this accompaniment.
And she calls it a report.
Three pars on public education.
I'm not an analyst, am I?
But it gave you access
to the Kremlin cafeteria.
Guess what, guys. I was
there yesterday
and made a copy of their menu.
24 appetizers! Red caviar.
Guess how much?
- 1.5 rubles.
- 35 kopeks.
- Guess how much is sturgeon?
18 kopeks. - Parasites!
Trout with mushroom sauce,
55 kopeks.
Yeah, everything for
the benefit of man.
And I know the man's name.
- Don't say it.
- Back in Paris I have...
Those Kremlin dotards are snug
as a bug in the rug.
They've arranged communism
for themselves.
Guys with the right ideas
would never its way there.
You met with that guy
in Leningrad.
Oh, Anatoly Chubais... It's
a group of young economists.
Hold it. I want to tell you
about Paris.
400 brands of cheese in
an ordinary supermarket!
- How many?
- 400!
Didn't you bring some?
I just got enough money to buy
my wife a dress.
- From Paris? - Let's see it.
Right. From Paris.
We've been taken to the Tati
- Here's to our reunion. What?
- Hold it.
Aren't you glad to see us?
There's a more appropriate
- I wonder. - I'm scared.
- What's the day today?
- August 21. - So?
- Blackjack.
The 21 st...Night...Monday...
The city skyline at night...
Your wedding anniversary!
Dammit! Exactly.
Our wedding anniversary?
Gee, twenty years!
Twenty years?
Forgive me, Sonya.
You are forgiven, because
I forgot about it too.
Let's light candles.
Take the seats for which
you bought the tickets.
Some VCR! Serge, when'll you
get us one?
Wait till I get my emoluments.
They're putting out my book
"Normandie-Nieman" in France.
Congratulations. They might
lavish some 40 francs on you
and our dear country'll
pocket the rest. - As usual.
- Is this your Brando?
I hear translators hold their
nose with clothes-pegs
for the KGB not to figure
them out by their voice.
... in the film "The Last
Tango in Paris".
How do you do,
Kaleriya Georgievna.
Our neighbor Kaleriya is
standing there with a big
Зависть богов

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