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Another great race today,
Who are you gonna
ride in the Stakes?
Eddie, like my daddy
always used to say...
and l live by it...
"Never change horses
in midstream."
Never change horses.
Sounds like a smart bet.
Always stick with a winner.
Keep America working.
Don't change horses
in midstream.
On election day,
reelect the president.
Can you step this way,
Mr. Brean?
Lift your arms, please.
That's him.
That's Mr. Fix-it.
lt's right here.
You have a seat here, Connie.
He doesn't know anything.
John Levy's staff,
his assistant...
and Amy Cain, Press.
Thank you.
That'll be all.
-Want some coffee?
-Black, please.
Gaviston, bring some coffee.
You kids in this room...
what you hear and say here...
if it gets out, you leaked it.
Tell them
what they need to know.
When it broke, the president
said, "Get me Conrad Brean."
What's the thing?
He had an illegal immigrant
nanny years back?
You get ahead in the polls,
suddenly you get nervous.
He made a pass
at some secretary years ago?
A group of Firefly Girls
were here last month.
One expressed interest
in a Frederic Remington bust.
They went in the office
behind the Oval Office.
lt couldn't have
been over three minutes.
The Secret Service
will confirm that.
lt's not the illegal
immigrant nanny thing?
The girl's alleging...
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
Maybe we could say it was
a drug reaction to the flu.
Who's got the story?
Don't you want to know
if it's true?
What's the difference?
lt's a story.
They'll run with it.
How long till it breaks?
Front page,
Washington Post, tomorrow.
That's not good.
-Where is he?
When is he due back?
They're set to leave soon.
He stays on the ground
in China at least another day.
You the Press Office?
Earn your money.
He's ill.
When do we bring him back?
l'm gonna need a day.
He's sick.
Get that out now.
Tell the jackals how sick he is.
We gotta get that out
before the story breaks.
lssue a bulletin.
He's got some rare strain--
-Won't hold.
-l need running time.
lt won't hold a day.
lt will.
l'll tell you why.
Why is the president in China?
-Trade relations.
-You're right.
lt's got nothing to do
with the B-3 bomber.
-There is no B-3 bomber.
-l just said that.
l don't know why
these rumors get started.
l need $20,000.
l need a car.
Get me a car and driver.
The southwest gate.
What is it?
Campaign commercial.
Should we look at it?
Put it in.
This should be interesting.
What is it?
The other side's new commercial.
The Neal commercial.
We had somebody steal it.
This'll be on the air
the day after tomorrow.
ln the final days
of the campaign...
has the president
changed his tune?
Thank heaven for little girls.
The presidency is about honor.
Thank heaven for little girls.
lt's about principles.
Without them,
what would little boys do?
lt's about integrity.
This tune has got to change.
On election day,
vote Neal for president.
Oh, boy.
Who's gonna take
the press conference today?
ls there a press conference
What do you think?
We have to use this
as a base of operations.
l'm gonna need one, two days.
Whoever's leaking that stuff
to the Post lets it slip...
"l hope this won't
screw up the B-3 program."
"What B-3 program,
and why should it screw it up?"
"lf the president
deploys the B-3...
"before it's fully tested..."
"Deploy the B-3
before it's fully tested?"
"The crisis."
-What crisis?
-l'm working on that.
Get General Scott
and the Joint Chiefs of Staff...
and put them
on a plane to Seattle.
He's nervous to talk
to the Boeing people.
-But what?
There isn't a B-3 bomber.
-Where'd you go to school?
Then show a little spunk.
There is no B-3 bomber.
General Scott,
to your knowledge...
is not in Seattle
to talk to Boeing.
lt won't prove out.
lt doesn't have to prove out.
We just gotta distract them.
Got less than two weeks
till the

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