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Обитаемый остров: Схватка

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BondarchukBank of Moscow
Non-Stop Productions
Art Pictures Studio
Channel CTC
With financial support from the
Midland Group
Alexander Rodnyansky
Sergei Melkumov
a film by Fyodor Bondarchuk
The year 2157.
Maxim crashed his
space ship from Earth...
...and is stranded
on the planet Saraksh...
...with no hope of going home.
-Maxim Kammerer, Earth.
He meets the Guardsman, Gai
and his sister Rada.
But his friendship
and love bring them nojoy.
Their people are
under the control of rays,
transmitted by towers and mobile units.
The invisible rays sap
theirwill and make them...
...believe anything.
Some people aren't affected.
They're called freaks.
When the transmissions are on high,
the freaks are in unbearable pain.
The leaders call themselves
the Unknown Fathers.
They are all freaks,
forwhom the rays are
weapons of power and torture.
The freaks not in power
are considered enemies.
They are identified,
persecuted, tried...
...and executed in 4$ hours.
The damn towers!
The rays don't affect Maxim...
He's powerFul and physically developed.
On 22nd centuy Earth,
people have learned how to use...
...the hidden resources of the body.
Meanwhile, war is approaching.
The Unknown Fathers are preparing
to attack a neighboring state.
Want to fight?
Two competing groups
know about Maxim's abilities.
They hunt him down.
Roamer, head of the
Special Research Department.
Bring him to me.
And Genius, the State Prosecutor.
Get information on him.
Who is he? Where is he from?
They both need
him for different reasons.
-Don't move! Get down!
-Why do you want him?
-A mutant for our research.
-For dissection?
To survive,
save his friend and lover
Maxim plans to destroy
the ray transmission system.
You idiot!
lmagine how many towers
are all over the county!
How many are built evey day!
He can't find allies in the county.
The freaks are too weak or too scared.
ls the real purpose of the towers
hidden from the underground?
Most of the conspirators
want to take power...
...and use the towers
for their own purposes.
What purposes?
So Max takes Gai...
...in a stolen tank and
breaks through the army lines.
He decides to find
allies beyond the borders...
...among the mutants and enemies...
You jerk, listen to me.
Those aren't anti-ballistic towers.
They're for people like you.
They produce rays that make
you believe evemhing.
All that people say.
So you believe the TV, newspaper...
...Captain Chachu. But not me.
They're lying.
You're a puppet in their hands.
You're affected by the rays.
You don't notice it. You're a puppet.
Your passion is from the rays.
You see? Freaks are people
who aren't affected.
The rays cause them pain.
Gai, all of the
Unknown Fathers are freaks.
lt's true.
lt's ten o'clock.
What happens in the barracks?
You passionately sing the anthem?
Passion is in our blood.
That passion is beamed
into your thick skulls!
Sing the Guard march!
The guards march forth
with heavy tread...
To take the fort,
Their eyes - blood red...
-What're you -
- Give it!
Your Excellency,
you requested reports...
...on unusual occurrences
in the south.
- Yes.
- A front-line camp...
...said a Corporal was taken.
- Apparently by mutants.
- Mutants.
Mutants are always taking someone.
lt's the south, after all.
What's unusual?
The commander's report
mentioned a drone tank.
- Mutants took it.
-A tank?
Mutants stole a tank?
ldiot! Get me the report
of that cretin commander...
And tell them to bring more
of this medicinal stuff.
Take it easy, Gai.
Calm down.
Calm down.
Are you hungy?
Will you shoot?
Alive. Our handsome fellow is alive.
You stole a tank.
Alive. What else could you be?
Where else could you be?
Get your stuff and let's go.
l don't want to. Screw them.
Stop it - they're nice people.
They respect you.
The Prince
Обитаемый остров: Схватка

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