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A story by
K. Finn
Script by
B. Barnet & K. Finn
Directed and produced by
Boris Barnet
M. Kirillov & A. Spiridonov
Music by S. Vasilenko
Sound by L. Obolensky
Costumes and design by S. Kozlovsky
Produced by A. Dmitriyev
E. Kuzmina, M. Zharov
N. Bogolyubov, N. Kryuchkov
M. Yanshin, G. Klering
A. Chistyakov, S. Komarov
In the backwoods
of Tsarist Russia...
Good Lord!
What is that?
The Kryakovskys.
And which are those?
The Syshchovskys.
Here are the Syshchovskys.
Those are the Fylonovskys.
They're going on strike!
Where are you going,
We have to support them.
Who do we need
to support?
Well guys,
let's go to the factory.
Wait, Kolka,
I'll teach you a lesson.
I'll teach you a lesson.
Boss, I won't take
any lessons from you.
Let's go, guys.
what are you doing?
Where are you going?
What the hell
are you doing?
Let's go, let's go.
I order you to disperse
I give you
one minute to think.
Those arrested
will not be released.
Guys, have mercy!
Beat me instead,
you scoundrel!
You're beating students!
Beat me instead!
You're beating educated people,
damn it!
Wait, guys...
What's going on?
Robert Karlovich.
Hey, Robert Karlovich.
Would you like
to play checkers?
Mit grossen Vergnugen!
With great pleasure,
Alexander Petrovich,
but give me a minute.
I have to finish the letter
to my son in Germany.
Please, have a seat.
Are you running around again?
Can't stay at home?
You have a nice girl,
Alexander Petrovich.
- Go, go.
- Goodbye.
I got yours,
Alexander Petrovich.
Alexander Feodorovich.
Alexander Feodorovich!
Alexander Feodorovich!
How long will it last?
- Will what last?
- The strike.
God knows!
So, that's the situation.
And who is Alexander
Our new tenant.
Social revolutionary democrat...
a striker.
He is one of those
who organized a strike in 1905.
And this one as well.
he went somewhere again.
- Something happened.
- What do you want?
Get up, Senka.
You sleep like hell.
Get up, Senka.
- I'm talking to you.
- Why should I get up?
Dusya came.
Get out.
Let's go, let's go.
I'm talking to you.
Guten Morgen,
Robert Karlovich.
Alexander Petrovich.
Hey, Robert Karlovich,
shouldn't we go
get some beer?
Alexander Petrovich, don't you know
what is whistling over there?
They are whistling.
Maybe something
has happened.
Let's go have a look
and get some beer on our way.
With a great pleasure,
Alexander Petrovich.
I am getting ready.
What's going on,
Robert Karlovich?
Where is my hat?
One minute.
Try this on.
What do you think,
Alexander Petrovich?
I think it's fine.
I think so, too.
Let's go.
Germany Has Declared War On Russia
Germany Has Declared War On Russia
Departure Of Ambassadors
Departure Of Ambassadors
To Russian People!
We'll win easily.
My dear Robert Karlovich,
we'll easily defeat
those scoundrels!
What are you saying,
Alexander Petrovich?
I'm saying
that we've got it won.
You won't win, Alexander Petrovich,
we can fight pretty well.
You know me.
We have always fought together
for your rights.
And you have trusted me
and you should trust me again.
Now, in this fateful moment
when the Germans
have conquered our borders...
what should we do?
You should look
for the answer to this question
in the heart
of the Russian man.
In the face of the external enemy,
let's forget internal class strife
and stop the strike.
Let's bravely go to battle
believing in victory.
Go to battle!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
I am asking you.
- I'll go.
- Where will you go?
He won't go anywhere.
- No, I'll go.
- Where will you go?
If I said so,
it means I'll go.
I'm telling you, I'll go.
I'm telling you, I'll go.
What are you doing?
You're taking everything
with you.
I'm telling you, let me go!


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