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I can't carry these anymore.
Out of the way!
1, 2, 3, 4...
Let's see if your old man still
has it!
Milos, you have to play with
your head.
Yeah, right! Piss off!
Hey, Eso!
Hey, Luka, you can't be in two
at the same time. - Sure, I can!
You see, I can!
Lord! I hope he remembers me.
Hey, Einstein, the coach
has a memory for remembering.
For remembering?
It's been 18 months since we
left Belgrad
Just keep your mind on the match.
Your job's to play.
Hey, Veljo...
My great big friend!
Here's your pension.
I'm glad to see you!
The miracle of life!
Joksa! Hey, Joksa!
You're too small to scare me...
Get that donkey off the track,
I'll go bankrupt, my dear Veljo.
These are in great demand
and that cow won't carry them.
Why not? - She's suffering.
Can't she suffer in a ditch?
What's it matter where she suffers?
I'll have to use...
a stick.
Get a move on!
You won't get in my way.
What's this? Why is she crying?
She's lovesick.
She wants a train to run her over.
What train? The track isn't
finished yet.
Exactly what I told her.
I'll use the stick on her. - A
I'm skeptical about that.
People! They've killed Joksa!
I have to tell you something!
Just let me get past.
I have to tell you...
Just one word!
The bears are slaughtering everybody!
But Tito shot the last one.
They're pouring in from Croatia.
Beasts from Croatia!
And you just sit here playing!
What beasts?
Why, bears!
They're like ours, only
A bit bigger but with gray fur.
They must be Persian bears.
Not Persian bears!
They're fleeing the war in Croatia.
Is the track OK? - Why shouldn't
it be?
Luka, this is no joke.
Folks are dying and you sit
here playing.
Here, boy!
Here, boy!
What's up?
Why won't she leave me alone?
What is it?
Let's stop so I can feed the dog.
Be a darling.
Since when does a goddam mayor
feed stray dogs?
Tell me that.
Since when does a mayor
gobble breakfast in a car?
Can't you see that Lily's in
Paws off my lunch!
Good for you!
You're a lawyer, Filipovic.
We made you party secretary.
You know these things better
than me.
That's why I'm telling you.
There are laws, man.
Want to get us arrested?
Only nitwits get nabbed. - Not
That's not what I said.
Yes, it is. Fraud is fraud,
however you dress it up.
But the Muslims & Croats do just the same.
- Do what?
Finance political parties
from cigarettes and oil.
Building democracy on freight
Tito did it for 30 years. - Tito?
Forget Tito. Tito was Tito,
after all.
I'll tell him everything.
If it isn't my dear old
Are we ready for Liberation Day?
The band, not the track.
The Serbians are behind.
But our side is on time.
How are my artists?
My lovely music!
Sir, can I speak to you?
Sparavalo, of the Sarajevo
Sarajevo! A magic town.
Mr. Mayor... - Wait!
Mr. Cuhaj, our guest artist from Hungary.
A universal artist.
This is going to be OK.
OK, he says...
As president of the town
I would like to express my
for the support you've given
our railroad
But we politicians haven't
Just read this, bro.
Mr. Mayor, if we don't organize a hunt
the beasts will slaughter us all.
"We approve purchase of a
"Sneider-Holstein locomotive..."
This is fantastic!
Not a single Serb will be left!
Look what you've done!
Mr. Mayor, friends,
allow me to present our project.
Here you see the section of
track that
will link Bosnia and Serbia for
12 miles.
Mr. Mayor... - In fact,
the Austrians first built this track
but then it was destroyed.
We now need to rebuild it
to boost tourism and trade.
With this tunnel... - Mr. Mayor!
...we will overcome a major
and be ready for Liberation Day.
Well done, bro!
We are lumberjacks and we're
In the green forests of Bosni-ay
We are lumberjacks and we're

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