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Это случилось однажды ночью

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Hunger strike?
How long has this been going on?
She hasn't had a thing yesterday or today.
- Sending meals up to her regularly?
- Yes, sir.
Why don't you jam it down her throat?
It's not that simple, Mr. Andrews.
I'll talk to her myself.
Have some food brought up to her.
Yes, sir.
I won't eat a thing
until you let me off this boat.
Come now, Ellie.
You know I'll have my way.
Not this time, you won't!
I'm already married to him.
You'll never live
under the same roof with him.
I'll see to it.
Get it through your head,
King Westley and I are married!
Definitely, legally, actually married!
It's over, it's finished.
There's not a thing you can do about it.
I'm over 21 and so is he.
While you've been onboard...
...l've arranged to
have your marriage annulled.
Annulled. I'll have something to say
about that and so will King.
I expect him to.
The vittles. Come in.
I told you not to bring any food in here.
Now wait a minute. This isn't for you.
Put it down here.
Smart, aren't you? So subtle.
Strategy, my dear.
Was it strategy sending
those gorillas to drag me away...
...from the Justice of the Peace?
Your idea of strategy is to use a lead pipe.
I've won many arguments that way.
Besides not liking him,
you haven't got a thing against King.
- He's a fake.
- He's one of the best flyers in the country.
He's no good.
You married him because I said not to.
You're always telling me what not to do.
Because you've always been
a stubborn idiot.
I come from a long line of stubborn idiots.
Don't shout so.
You may work up an appetite.
I'll shout if I want to!
I'll scream if I want to!
All right, scream.
Let me off this boat or I'll break
every piece of furniture in here!
Here, now.
Have a nice piece of juicy steak.
You don't have to eat it.
Just smell it. It's a poem.
Lower the boats! Catch her!
Come on, men!
She got away, sir.
Of course, she's too smart for you.
Send a wireless
to the Lovington Detective Agency.
"Daughter escaped again.
"Watch roads,
airports and train stations in Miami."
All aboard!
Palm Beach, Savannah, Jacksonville...
...New York, Philadelphia.
We're wasting our time.
Imagine Ellie Andrews riding on a bus.
I told the old man it was bunk.
Ticket for New York, please.
- Here's your ticket.
- Thank you very much.
Thank you.
What's going on here?
I'd like to use that phone.
Go away. This is history in the making.
- What?
- There's a man biting a dog in there.
Heel, boy.
I can't stand this any longer.
In a pig's eye, you will.
Listen monkey face, when you fired me,
you fired the best news hound...
...your filthy scandal sheet ever had.
You wouldn't know a newspaper story
if it kicked you in the pants.
I got all your copy. Why didn't you tell me
you were gonna write it in Greek?
I'd start a new department.
That was free verse,
you gas house palooka.
What was free about it?
It cost this paper a gob of dough.
And it's not going to cost us any more!
Did you know he reversed the charge?
What? Why you...
When you get back to New York,
you keep far away from this office.
You're fired. You don't work here
anymore and you never will.
What'd he say?
So, you're changing your tune?
You're late with your apologies.
I wouldn't go back to work for you
if you begged me on your hands and knees!
I hope this'll be a lesson to you.
Did we tell that baby?
- We don't need anymore of his lip.
- You told him, Pete.
I guess he knows now,
how I feel about his job.
I bet he does, too.
Is my chariot ready?
Your chariot awaiteth withouteth,
mighty King.
- Lead on, sire.
- Make way for the king.
Make way for the king.
Long live the king.
Philadelphia, all aboard!
Step down Marty, King is back.
On the rack in the back.
It's your goodbye chariot.
Make hams of you and scram!
Two thousand miles is a long trip.
Make yourself comfortable
with a pleasant pillow.
Pillow, sir?
Driver! If you'll be good enough
to move those
Это случилось однажды ночью

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