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Do you want to have a beer
while you're waiting?
Can you hear me, mister?.
I'll take the bottle.
Howdy, boys. What can I do you for?.
- Brewskies.
- You got it.
There you go.
50 now, 50 more when you're done.
- How many?.
- Just one.
- Another cop?
- No, he's a friend of yours.
You're gonna like this job.
He was in my brother's gang.
First he dropped a dime on him...
..then he ratted him to the cop
that blew him away.
- I'll go in. You want a coke?
- Yeah, diet.
We're on Simmons Road
off Route 14.
I need wants and warrants
on motorcycle registrations.
First: California. 6D84S9.
Second plate...
- Tom.
- How're you doing? Nice to see you.
Willie Hickock, right here.
Cherry Ganz, officer.
Do I know you guys?
- Who are you calling, friend?
- I wasn't calling anybody.
- Somehow I don't believe you.
- Oh, God, no!
$100,000. 50,000 now.
Iceman is a generous guy.
I don't like hundreds.
What kind of shit is this?
This is the guy. The balance is due
when he's dusted. We want him dead.
Yeah, whatever. No problem.
Police! Freeze!
Move apart. I don't want anybody
to get hurt here, so move slow.
Here come the cops,
get the hell out of here!
- You really toasted that guy.
- I just shot him. I didn't toast him!
Calm down. We'll find the gun.
We've got to do this together.
I checked the guy's locker.
He works at the track.
50 bucks in his wallet,
sunglasses and some keys.
- We still haven't found his gun.
- Shit!
Cates took down one of the locals.
A slug hit one of the gas pumps.
He burned the bad guy to a crisp.
Jack claims it was a righteous shoot.
Man, I hate these IAD scumbags.
Blake Wilson, Internal Affairs.
I'm always running into you, Jack.
Give us a minute, fellas.
- What did you do now?.
- I was on a stakeout.
- I was real close to nailing...
- Close? The Iceman, right?
I'm getting real close.
I'll nail these guys.
Every case you can't solve
you pin on the Iceman.
The biggest dealer in the Bay Area.
No prints, no description.
You're the only cop
who believes he exists.
I'll let you in on a secret.
There is no Iceman.
Let's get back to the cold facts.
What the hell happened here?
I saw an exchange. I moved in.
He had a piece. He shot. I shot back.
- You got the bad guy's gun?
- It's got to be in the ashes.
- Cruise, what have you got?
- Some burnt metal off the pump.
- No gun?
- No, no gun.
A cop is a guy, and a guy
sometimes steps on his dick.
Do you think maybe
you were pushing too hard?
Did you step on your dick?.
He had a piece.
He shot. I shot back.
Have the lab boys go over every inch
of this place. If there's a gun, I want it.
- See you around, Jack.
- Yeah.
Reggie Hammond.
You must be
a real dangerous convict.
- You made me miss, cop.
- You're looking good, Reggie.
I ain't seen you in years.
We were friends.
- I'm sorry. I've been busy.
- Me, too.
What are you doing here?
You even got a new haircut.
Times change.
- You lost a couple of pounds.
- I quit drinking.
Have you come to tell me
my sentence got increased?
No, you're still getting out tomorrow,
and we've got a little job to do.
When I get out of here,
give me my money and walk away.
I played that cop shit once,
and it don't work.
If you don't help me, I'm not ever
gonna give you your money back.
- You're fucking with me?
- No.
I gave you that money in good faith.
I trusted you.
- Now you're telling me I can't have it?
- Now you've got the picture, convict.
- You screwed up, Hammond.
- It was self-defence.
I served two years for a crime I did.
I never denied that.
But I've just done five years
for a robbery I didn't do.
Murderers do less time than me.
You can spend your remaining time
in isolation. Open up.
You don'thave to
put on the red light
Those days are over, you don't
have to sell yourbody to the night
Tequila. The bottle.
- Do you guys want anything?
- Whisky. Put it

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