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I'll give youthe Cowboys and three.
- Three and a half.
- Take three, be happy.
Three and a half. I'm ecstatic.
Is this visit a one time shot
or will yousurprise me all the time?
If I said, it wouldn't be a surprise.
I'll buy youa beer.
Jake, sit down and play a game.
If I come up with a scoop on her,
I get Dallas and three and a half.
If youcome up with anything on her,
I'll give yousix.
Number 17 4, 63, 1503.
Pete, I don't want her zip code.
It's her social
security number, asshole.
She works for you.
One cheese, medium. Fries.
Two plain, rare,
tomato and onions.
One pastrami on kaiser.
Mayo, no mustard.
- What's a pimple on a Polack's ass?
- I need that B.L.T on rye, Richie.
A brain tumour.
What's this?
Come on, Richie.
A lesbian with a hard-on.
I'm terrific, right?
Youcan tell me. I can take it.
Mayo, no mustard.
Can't yousee me opening up in L.A?
Direct from Pittsburgh,
it's Richie Blazik, ladies and gentlemen.
What's all this talk about L.A?
You've been on the stage two times.
I give youtwo lousy shots and
you're talking about going to L.A.!
Come on. What are you, crazy?
Besides, you're too short anyway.
They don't let short people
into Hollywood.
And you're making
the hamburgers too big again.
Make 'em smaller.
I'll give yousmall.
This place is so small youhave
to go outside to change your mind.
My turn.
Ring, damn you.
I can't believe he didn't call.
- He'll call.
- Do youthink so?
- Of course. Why wouldn't he?
- Yeah, why wouldn't he!
Maybe he'll call, I don't know.
When I talked to him, he seemed funny.
Like, "I'll call youlater, babe."
I don't think he'll call.
- Don't worry, he'll call.
- Youreally think so?
- Why wouldn't he?
- You're right. He'll call.
If he doesn't call,
should I call him?
He'll call.
I love how youalways try
to straighten out other people's lives.
Any time youwant me
to straighten out yours, let me know.
Personally, I never call.
Because I don't have to.
- But if youwant my advice...
- Not really.
- Hi, girls!
- Hi, Richie.
- Can I help? A foot massage?
- Get out of here!
- It's been long since he's had some.
- I bet.
Do youread lips?
I saw youdance last night.
- I just wanted to say hi.
- Hi.
You're Alex.
I know.
- I'm Nick Hurley.
- Really?
I've seen your name
on my pay cheques.
What's a dancer doing
working as a welder?
A girl's got to make a living.
- Youspeak French?
- No. I just like the pictures.
Me too.
- Nick. They need youon ten.
- I'll be right there.
- Youread Vogue?
- I used to.
My wife does.
I mean, my ex-wife.
I'm divorced.
We're divorced.
Listen, I got to get to work.
Younever know when the boss
is going to be around.
Youforgot your thermos.
Hi, Grunt.
So, did youget laid today?
And now, news headlines
with Kevin Evans.
Good evening. In the news,
a fire caused extensive damage
to the High View Lumber Company,
a dairy store
and an American Motors dealership
in McDonald,
Washington County,
this morning...
Putting youdown to deal with Dallas.
Do we have a deal?
I got to go. I have a call coming up.
Ex cuse me. Do youknow
where the admissions office is?
The door on the left.
- Come on, where is the focus?
- Where is it?
Where is the centre?
Look up.
When youfill out...
When youfill out this application,
be sure and list all your years
of dance education.
Starting with the most recent
place you've studied,
and the number of years
at each institution.
Also, if youhave any professional
or other repertory experience,
please, list those.
When youfill out this application,
be sure to list all your years
of dance education.
And the number of years
you've spent at each institution.
- I got to go, youguys.
- See you, Alex. Don't get dirty.
- Hello, dancer.
- Hi.
- Want a hand?
- No, thanks.
Youknow, I have this close,
personal relationship
with the lady
who drives the lunch truck.

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