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Дикая охота короля Стаха

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Screenplay by
Valery RUBlNCHlK
Directed by
Valery RUBlNCHlK
Director of Photography
Tatiana LOGlNOVA
Production Designer
Alexander CHERTOVlCH
Music by
Yevgeny GLEBOV
English Subtitles by
T. Kameneva
Yelena DlMlTROVA
Albert FlLOZOV
Roman FlLlPPOV
Alexander KHARlTONOV
lgor KLASS
Victor lLYlCHYOV
- Who's there?
- Would you open the door, please?
Who are you?
l'm not from these parts.
Can you give me shelter from the rain?
What's your name?
My name? Bielarecki.
Count Bielarecki?
Based upon the story by V. Korotkevich
Here are some dry clothes for you.
My mistress would like you to join her
for dinner.
l'd be honored. But to whom
do l owe the hospitality?
You are at the castle of Marsh Firs.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself
not to know the owners.
They are the Janowskis.
You must have heard of them.
l own this estate.
l'm the owner of Marsh Firs,
Nadzieja Janowska.
Won't you sit down?
l'm sorry,
l haven't introduced myself.
My name is Andrej Bielarecki.
l'm doing research on the legends
of the north-western parts.
l have references from the Academy
and a letter from the Governor.
Tell me, Vilna and Minsk, would
they be very large cities?
But Moscow and Petersburg are even
ls it true that the street lights are
left on all night there?
l guess they are.
l think l've met you before.
But where?
l don't remember.
Have you never had that feeling
that you're doing something
that's happened before?
This night, and the rain beating on
the windows,
you asking for shelter,
and me watching you.
When did that happen?
l don't remember.
Perhaps l dreamed it.
ln medicine, they call it
''deja vu''.
lt is like you have seen it
already. lt happens.
Are you gathering our folklore?
l'm more interested in legends.
Old legends.
What do you need our legends for?
All that gloom created
in the minds of savages?
But it's my work, and it's become
a passion.
God preserve us!
The passions people have.
l'm even told that some
people collect snakes.
lgnati Gacievic, the manager.
At your service.
You shouldn't hold a grudge against
my mistress, sir.
lt was very thoughtless
of you to have come here.
As far as l'm concerned,
l try to avoid
dining with my mistress
at the same table.
Might l ask why?
- You really don't know anything?
- No.
Then you're lucky.
The charm will be fulfilled
in this foul and foggy air.
The damned will be purged on all
that's in this lair.
All the world's pains, pestilence
and bleeding sores,
leave this pure and innocent soul.
Cast out the evil turmoil
and let it be destroyed.
ln the dark and deepest grave
l bury the sickness in these bones.
Oh, l do implore
the mighty God
to cleanse this soul
and make her whole.
All the world's pains,
and bleeding sores,
leave this pure
and innocent soul,
the God's servant Nadzieja.
Pure sweet water
in its flow,
doth caress
the roughened stone.
l do implore your purest breath
to ease thy servant
in her stress.
Evil eye and evil sway,
l beseech thee go away.
My poor orphan...
My dearest tender heart.
Evil force,
leave this pure and gentle body.
Get thee gone from this flesh
and blood and breast and limbs.
Return to your cold and icy tomb!
May the marshes
you embrace,
never more
my love to haunt!
Get thee gone, foul and evil spirit!
Go away and leave us!
Begone! Begone!
Away with you, evil force!
Away, evil force!
We're celebrating today
the coming-of-age of our mistress.
Don't be surprised that most of
the guests have arrived in the morning.
Even the bravest of our men
refuse to leave home after dark.
The honorable guardian
Hryn Dubotowk
and Mr. Ales Varona!
Good day to you, ladies and gentlemen!
Why so
Дикая охота короля Стаха

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