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Манекен в движении

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Once upon a time ...
in the Kingdom of Hauptmann Koenig
Come here.
I love you.
I missed you.
What will you do with me now, sir?
Find a priest, take a house
and live happily ever after.
But what about your mother?
You know how she feels
about mixed marriages!
By sunset we'll
be man and wife.
and the queen, bless her soul,
will be out my life.
He's comming!
He's comming!
Take another side!
Stand back!
Make place!
I am the prince!
We are here on
queen's business.
We have orders to arrest
your peasant girl.
Over my dead body.
Do not draw that sword unless
you intend to use it, sir.
I think he means it.
Sir, I would it in private.
We soldiers are working
on a queen business.
Can't you try yo see things...
Unhang her!
Here you got!
My Prince!
I love you!
I love you!
My prince!
- Jesse!
The Queen!
Stop picking those soldiers
and get away from that peasant girl!
To the ground, you
scamming trolls!
I love her mother,
I will always love her.
He's still my son.
She's only after the royal jewels.
You know she's not our tipe.
Come home with me and we'll
discuss over some mutton.
Give her the gift.
Well, my little sweety pie,...
I don't want gold,
or your jewels.
Get out of the way.
No. But I have gold and jewels.
Let us make this.
A simbol of our eternal love.
Then I will wear it forever.
You have cursed my gift.
It's not me, darling.
It's the work of Spretzzel.
Simply brilliant.
Frozen forever.
Other curse was nothing, my queen.
Nothing know nothing.
Mother, I have never
asked you for anything.
I beseak you to take my life
and spare hers.
Rights. You're such a romantic!
A thousand years or...
until she meets a true love
from another land.
Only then can the curse in
necklace be removed.
Is it a deal?
Yes, but you have cursed
your kingdom
for a thousand years!
...and Still Raining
And that is the legend of Hauptmann
Koening enchanted peasant girl.
Of course, nobody really
believes the Legend.
Now, if you step this way,
I'll show you a famous collection
of umbrellas through history.
Is it true the statues
are going on tour?
...really believe...
...the Legend?
My great,...
Great, great, great!
Great, great, great.
Do you mind?
Thank You.
Grand, grand, grand father
was never run.
And very soon my darling you will
be life and belong to his...
grand, grand, grand, grand...
grand, grand...
grand grand...
grand son.
That's me.
See you mom!
Jason, your breakfast!
You have to eat
before you start a new job!
Thanks, mom.
Did I keep you up last night?
You work too hard.
Well, when you marry
with a rich girl, I will retire.
Find me a rich one.
- Alright, I will. So go.
Don't be late.
I will waiting up to you.
Mrs Williamson! Mrs Williamson!
- What happened?
I am married!
Oh, I don't believe it!
- Thank you!
Thank You.
- Thank you.
He's most beautifull
man I have ever met!
Wonderfull, Carmen!
Tell me is he rich?
- Does he have golden card?
- Does he have car?
Yes! - Does he have condom?
- Yes. -Then you've got everything.
Thank you.
- Hold it.
I like to get candidate.
Come with me.
I'll give you ID badge,
but I try to capture the essence
of every "Prince" employee.
Here, sign this.
I am at Akermans security.
I don't miss much.
Hi, I'm Jason Williams.
I guess, I am wondering what
I am doing with the stiring wheel.
Stiring wheel?
Oh, that, umm...
Nice, soon it was key chain.
No. No, I -
Just don't want
my jeep stolen.
You don't have to worry
about that with me around here.
Is it hair spray?
- Yeah, well a sort of Flant Maisson class.
Oh, then I -
Then you're blind...
Don't loose this, baby.
You can charge anything
in store with that.
10% off too. Come with me.
Манекен в движении

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